Monday, February 11, 2013

Video: Former NBA guard Mike Bibby gets standing ovation after being ejected from son's game

Former NBA point guard Mike Bibby got the boot from a high school basketball game over the weekend.

Bibby was ejected from the game by an official and then escorted from the gymnasium by a police officer after allegedly getting too chatty with the referees.

The former University of Arizona star was on hand to watch his son, Michael, play in a sectional playoff game before his arguing with officiating became too much to bear.

Watch as the elder Bibby makes a grand exit while drawing a round of cheers from the Phoenix Shadow Mountain crowd. Bibby is adorned by the fans since he helped lead Shadow Mountain to its first state championship nearly 20 years ago. In fact, his No. 10 jersey hangs on the wall of the gym.

However, his past successes shouldn't warrant the acceptance of his childish behavior during the game. Nonetheless, the folks at his alma mater praised his actions anyway.

By the way, his son is just a freshman, so we could see some more of these celebrated ejections in the future.

Via ABC 15

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