Friday, February 1, 2013

Tony Dungy believes Rooney Rule is a broken system

Three former NFL head coaches, who also happen to be black, believe the league needs to reconsider its "Rooney Rule" for the hiring of minority candidates. The trio cites the fact that all 15 top level vacancies this offseason, eight  head coaching jobs and seven general manager jobs, were filled by white candidates.

The Rooney Rule, implemented in 2003, was named for Pittsburgh Steelers chairman Dan Rooney, who steadfastly pushed the league to require every team to interview at least one minority candidate every time there is a coaching or general manager opening.

One of those aforementioned black ex-coaches is Tony Dungy. Dungy became the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl when he lead the Colts to the title in 2006.

"I know the concept is good and something we need to do," Dungy said. "Obviously, it's not working the way it should."

Current ESPN analyst and former coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets, Herm Edwards, thinks the league should even think about revising the name of the rule altogether.

"When you use the Rooney Rule and not correctly, you put a little bit of a bad mark on Mr. Rooney's name, and that is not good," Edwards said. "If it keeps going this way, we might need to take his name off the rule. It is not being used in the right manner that Mr. Rooney meant it to be."

Jim Caldwell, former Colts head man and current offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl bound Ravens, chimed in with his thoughts on the matter.

"It has been a great rule and it has worked in the past," he said. "Just like anything else, you have to, after a certain period of time, revisit it and take a look and see if it needs a little tweaking. I think it does in this particular case."

There are currently nine minority head coaches or general managers in the NFL.

Dungy went on to call the entire hiring system as broken, while Edwards speculated whether or not minority candidates are actually considered for jobs or if they are just brought in for an interview to satisfy the rule.

A group called the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which is a collection of minority coaches and front-office, scouting and game-day NFL officials, wants the Rooney Rule expanded to apply to coordinators, assistant head coaches and club president positions.

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  1. Does anyone honestly think an NFL team wouldn't hire the very best they can get because the candidate might be black? You certainly don't see that among the players, so why would owners deny themselves the best talent on the sidelines or in the front office due to race? Having a thinly-veiled "quota" just says "maybe we aren't the best." Statistically speaking, black males are 6% of the population, yet according to the numbers in this article, they comprise 14% of the head coaches and GMs.

  2. how about we stop using crutches and all try to be hired on performance..Im tire of the poor black guy thing

  3. so, hire someone just because they are black or hispanic or asian? even if they arent qualified? sounds racist to me. im filing a petition to the nba because there isnt enough white players. ok if a black guy does it, but racist if i even bring it up...booooooooring!!!!!!

    1. you never hear any blacks say there are not enough white players.they want every thing for black people. how about if they want 50 .percentthen lets bitch about 50% for white players

    2. would love to see more white players .oh sorry there is no rooney rule for that. glad to see white qbs always winning superbowls why is that? all thats right they are smarter

  4. Black = 15% of population. Yet they recieve over 80% of college scholarships in football. White people are being discriminated against. Try to get a white player a scholarship to college as a running back - it is next to impossible! I would love to see a black man stand up and say "shut up" to these racist who cry about coaching positions. Tony Dungy is a racist pig in my book!

  5. Reverse discrimination. It's old school affirminative action. Kill the rule. I'm a minority. I would hate to think I was hired because I was one and not because I was qualified. Besides, why would I want to work for a racist anyways?

  6. If not for the Rooney Rule, Tomlin is probably not the coach of the Steelers.

  7. Why should the NFL be any different than the USA. The hiring of coaches should be like electing politicians. Then the NFL can be like the President and Congress. Who said this was the fall of the Roman Empire?

  8. Stop crying Dungy! If you want to coach then get back into it and stop preaching at everyone! You're a lousy commentator so go back to being a lousy coach.

  9. The owners are going to hire the best period which is what they should do or, have the whitey rule. You must have white players in proportion to the population

  10. The Rooney Rule only opens a door that has been closed to minorities for many years. It doesn't require that a team hire an unqualified minority coach. If it did that would be ridiculous. I know many people today struggle with the fact that discrimination actually exist but it does. There are people making comments about this article that have no idea why Mr. Rooney(a white man) thought it was important. Again, a white man instituted the rule because he saw a problem. He lived in the NFL culture so how can we judge a professional cultural we know nothing about.