Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo: Panthers quarterback Cam Newton plays intramural basketball at Auburn

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton made headlines recently when he decided to take classes again at Auburn -- a school in which he helped lead to a BCS National Championship a couple of years ago.

Furthermore, the former Tigers signal caller seems to be really serious about living the true college life. Earlier this week, he was spotted in the Auburn student section cheering on the basketball team. And now comes a photo from the War Eagle Reader in which captures Newton playing some intramural basketball.

According to the report, Newton requested no special treatment when he enrolled this semester, such as a car to transport him to and from classes. All in all, it sounds like Newton wants the traditional college experience while he's attending classes.

However, it's hard to be normal when you're the most popular man on campus and perhaps the most beloved athlete in recent Auburn history.

I just wonder how Panthers fans feel about Newton's latest athletic endeavors?

Via Yahoo! Sports

Here's a video of Newton leading that previously mentioned cheer on Wednesday...

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