Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo: Baltimore Orioles rookie receives a season's supply of doughnut from Adam Jones

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones gave rookie teammate Kevin Gausman a tasty spring training treat Sunday morning. Here is the scoop.

Gausman, a top pitching prospect for the O's, apparently loves powdered doughnuts. In fact, one of his rituals includes eating four of the sugary gems in between each inning he pitches.

So, in an effort to feed (no pun intended) Gausman's habit, the veteran Jones generously gave him a whole season's supply. What a great teammate.

All in all, Gausman believes he received about 1,500 powdered doughnuts in the deal. If my math serves me correct, that means Gausman is good to pitch over 350 innings this year. Yeah, I think his supply may carry over for the 2014 campaign, too.

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