Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kobe Bryant says he has 'two years max' left to play

Kobe Bryant knows he can't play professional basketball forever.

The 34-year-old took the time sit down with Damon Jones in the Nike Basketball Athlete Lounge at All-Star weekend, and the five-time NBA champion was asked how much longer he thought he would play, which he responded:

"Probably two years max. Two years max. Next year might be it. It's one of those things I think I'll wake up and I'll know. And if it's it for me, then that's it and there's no looking back."

Despite his hint at retirement, Bryant has shown no signs of slowing down this season. He is currently averaging 26.8 points per game and 38.4 minutes per game -- both of which are slightly higher than his career averages of 25.5 and 36.6, respectively.

Bryant, who has been lighting up scoreboards since debuting with the Lakers in 1996, also revealed his main motive for continuing to play.

"More championships. That's why we play. That's what I believe to be my existence until I decide to stop playing basketball, just try to win as many championships as possible."

But with Los Angeles fledgling with a 25-29 record, a sixth career ring may seem like a longshot for the future Hall of Famer -- at least for this year.

Via Bleacher Report

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