Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Josh Hamilton admits to juicing in an effort to reduce weight

On Tuesday, new Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton admitted to juicing. However, the juice may not be the kind you are thinking of.

No, the 31-year-old adopted a diet of juicing fruits and vegetables this offseason in an effort to slim down. He also embraced a gluten-free diet, which demanded he cut out most bread and processed foods, to help drop between 20 and 30 pounds as compared to his usual spring training weight.

Hamilton weighed in at 225 pounds on Tuesday.

"My body feels better," said Hamilton, a five-time All-Star, "My energy level is up."

The change in culinary selection was apparently due to divine intervention, according to Hamilton.

"The Lord kept waking me up in the middle of the night over a month and every time I'd wake up there'd be a doctor on talking about what you put in your body and how it makes you feel," Hamilton told the OC Register. "And then the juice lady was on. It was like, Alright, I always pray the Lord will help me feel better. Well, that's all great, but am I doing my part? Now it's time for me to do my part."

In the past, Hamilton entered the season weighing between 245 and 255 pounds as a member of the Texas Rangers. However, he would typically wind up around 225 pounds by season's end after playing through the intense heat and humidity of the Texas climate. Hamilton is hoping the more moderate weather in California allows him to maintain a consistent weight.

"I figured I could come into camp at a weight I feel good at and maintain that all year," Hamilton said. "In past years, you'd lose all that weight and get tired. Hopefully, I won't have to battle it all year like I did in Texas."

Hamilton, the former first overall pick in the 1999 draft by Tampa Bay, agreed to a five-year deal with the Angels in December that will pay him $125 million over the course of that span. The 2010 American League MVP previously spent five seasons with the Rangers and one season with the Cincinnati Reds.

Hamilton has admitted to struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol in the past. As recently as August, he revealed his struggle in trying to quit chewing tobacco. In February 2012, Hamilton had a relapse with alcohol after spending an evening at a Dallas bar. Despite his battles with drug use, Hamilton has never been linked to any credible accusations of using performance-enhancing drugs, though.

Via Los Angeles Times


  1. If he had watched a different channel he would have become party to a class action lawsuit about some medical mishap, or maybe he'd have a houseful of miracle kitchen utensils. Try PBS or CNN and maybe learn something about the world beyond the baseball diamond, and the things about which God is more concerned, seeking responses and involvement from people of faith.

    1. Do everyone a favor, save your bible thumping bullshit for another place. I am a christian, but for christ sake, were talking about baseball here. I admit that Jesus Christ is a serious matter, but do you have to stuff our lord and savior in EVERY conversation? Have a hot dog and a beer and have your wife blow you and friggin relax.

  2. How do you know what God is concerned about aside from your own salvation? The arrogance!

  3. Ya talk crap about josh hamilton behind his back on a computer. tough guys here on the internet, watch out.

  4. Nice story. But everyone knows once you stop cycling you shrink

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  6. Frickin douchebag- glad he cares about playing at a healthly weight after coming to the Rangers fat and tired every year.

  7. God almighy, the comments are idiotic on this article.

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