Sunday, February 17, 2013

Florida State's ACC championship costed them nearly $500,000

How much does winning a conference championship in college football cost these days? Well, empirical evidence suggests about $478,000.

According to, the Florida State Seminoles reportedly lost nearly $500,000 from their trip to the 2012 Atlantic Coast Conference championship game. About $440,000 of that debt came courtesy of poor ticket sales for its affair against Georgia Tech. The Seminoles only managed to sell 2,033 tickets out of its 10,000 allotment given to each division winner by the conference.

The form shows that Florida State was 100 percent responsible for selling the first 6,000 tickets. The ACC then covered 50 percent of the expense for the first 1,000 unsold tickets after 6,000, 75 percent of the next 1,000 tickets and 100 percent of the final 2,000 unsold tickets.

All told, the face value of the 10,000 allotted tickets was $774,190. After FSU's $185,210 in revenue on the 2,033 tickets sold, $3,594 in various ticket fees and the ACC's assistance on the final 4,000 unsold tickets ($144,895), FSU was left with a $440,491 loss on tickets. The net loss for the trip was $478,954.20.

Florida State declined to comment on the matter.

The venue for the game, Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, failed to reach half-capacity during the game despite the conference's claim that it distributed about 65,000 tickets. The ACC has struggled to draw sizeable crowds for its conference championship in the past, and according to league Commissioner John Swofford, has already initiated internal discussions to assure that no school appearing in the game suffers financial loss.

You can view a copy of the full income statement for FSU by following this link.

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