Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Father allegedly abused son for liking Oklahoma State over Oklahoma

Gannon Mendez

Here is a sad case of a grown man and father taking his team loyalty much too far.

The shocking story comes out of Perkins, Okla. and involves 41-year-old Gannon Mendez allegedly abusing his 9-year-old son because the kid chooses to root for Oklahoma instead of Oklahoma State.

From KFOR:

According to police, after a 9-year-old boy told a classmate in school that he roots for OU not OSU, the boy's father, Gannon Mendez, then allegedly beat the boy at home with a wooden paddle.

Investigators also claim the alleged beating in the home was not a one time crime.

Prosecutors claim Mendez would repeatedly take the boy to a football field and make him run until he puked.

An affidavit details in addition to being routinely spanked with a paddle, the suspect chopped up soap and pushed it into the victim's mouth.

The victim also reported Mendez squeezes his nose until it bleeds, tells him he will end up in hell and would wake him up every 30 minutes through the night to do push ups.

This isn't the first time Mendez has been in trouble over his support for the Cowboys program. Mendez was banned from associating with Oklahoma State athletes after accusations surfaced claiming that he provided money and other perks to OSU football players.

Mendez was due in court for his initial appearance on Tuesday afternoon.

Via Deadspin

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