Monday, January 7, 2013

Video: Vikings fan obliterated glass coffee table during loss to Packers

One Minnesota Vikings fan in particular didn't take the loss to the Green Bay Packers on Saturday very well. However, his despair has quickly become the pleasure of many YouTube viewers since uploading this video clip of himself smashing a coffee table in reaction to an interception thrown by backup quarterback Joe Webb.

It's not uncommon for folks to record themselves watching games. In fact, it has actually become quite common. Although I doubt his intentions were to crush glass, I do believe he was looking to catch some sort of crazy reaction during the NFC Wild Card game. Well, I think he succeeded.

When asked by, what one can only assume is his significant other, why he lashed out violently over the play: "It's the playoffs," he reasoned.

He goes on to conclude by saying:
"Tell Aaron Rodgers to stop playing football, because I don't want him in the NFC anymore."


The pain of the playoff defeat may live on until next season, but the coffee table will most certainly not.

Via Total Pro Sports.

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