Friday, January 4, 2013

Video: Oregon scores rare one-point safety

Here is a fun fact for you: one-point safeties do in fact exist in college football. Everyone watching the Fiesta Bowl between Oregon and Kansas State on Thursday night learned how.

The rare spectacle occurred on an extra-point attempt following an Oregon touchdown, which put the Ducks up 31-10 at the time. Things took a turn for crazy town when Kansas State broke through the line and blocked Oregon's PAT. That's when a couple of Wildcats players made a mad scramble to corral the football and ended up going backwards into the endzone.

After a brief period of sorting through what had transpired, the officials ruled that the Ducks were to be awarded the greatest scoring rarity in football: the one-point safety.

According to the offical Fiesta Bowl Twitter account, the play marked only the fourth time in NCAA history that a one-point safety had been recorded.
Coincidentally, ESPN broadcaster Brad Nessler, who made the call, has been on the television broadcast for two of them. Nessler also called a similar play back in 2004 in a game pitting Texas against Texas A&M.

The Ducks doubled up the Wildcats, 35-17, to claim the victory in what will go down as a rather dull Fiesta Bowl.

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