Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Video: Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson throws piece of ice into crowd

Ole Miss isn't exactly known as being a basketball powerhouse. Kentucky, on the other hand, is.

Nevertheless, the two teams hooked up on Tuesday for an SEC battle in Oxford. About seven minutes into the game, a bizarre spectacle unfolded.

A Rebels fan from the student section decided to express his displeasure over a foul call by tossing a chunk of ice on the floor. The weird thing is, the call actually went in favor of Ole Miss. Maybe the folks in the crowd need a quick crash course on hand signals used by refeeres to signal a foul? After all, basketball is just a way to pass time for Southerners until spring football rolls around.

Anyways, Rebels guard Marshall Henderson then proceeded to dispose of the ice by winding up and sending a fastball right back where it came from. Why he would attempt to alienate the very fans who are cheering for him defies logic.


Via The Big Lead


  1. I am a Miss State fan and certainly not an Ole Miss supporter by any means, but are you sure the ice came from the Rebels' section and not from the Kentucky fans as another announcer reported. I think Henderson is a "smartass" and Coach Kennendy has no controll over him, especially off the court. Of course, Kennendy was arrested himself!

  2. steroids, adrenaline got in school on athletic scholarship rather then grades? who knows.?