Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prep baseball player steals phone number of Jason Kipnis, waits six months to see if it works

The sneaky work of a high school baseball player during an All-Star event at Progressive Field last summer has paid off.

Aaron Hoffman obtained the phone number of Cleveland Indians second basemen Jason Kipnis after he and some friends snuck off into the Indians clubhouse during the Northeast Ohio Baseball Coaches Association gathering, and then proceeded to swipe Kipnis' phone number off of a free-standing golf bag. After six months, Hoffman recently worked up the guts to see if the number worked via text.

This is the screen grab that Kipnis himself tweeted out of the conversation.


Pretty slick, eh?
Reactions on Twitter have been pretty mixed. Some lauded Hoffman for his shenangin while others have alledgedly sent him death threats.

Via The Big Lead.

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