Friday, January 18, 2013

Photo: Ravens fan pays tribute to Ray Lewis with extreme hairdo


Here is one Ravens fan absolutely ready for this weekend's AFC Championship showdown against the Patriots.

His name is James E. Long Jr. and he goes by the name of @ravenmanic on Twitter. Here is the self-proclaimed Ravens maniac paying tribute to linebacker Ray Lewis, who may or may not be playing the last game of his career on Sunday.

Check out the magnificent detail of this guy's hairdo. It's complete with numbers, logos, and a purple-themed Raven, of course. Oh, and don't overlook the blonde beak in the front. Apparently, he has been working on this masterpiece since at least Jan. 3. Well done, sir.

Earlier this week, this image of a Ray Lewis light show at a downtown Baltimore hotel made the rounds around the internet. Will this go viral too?


  1. love thise hair cuts were they labotimized

  2. That's a true fan hey 52 Lewis is the shit

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  3. That's a true fan hey 52 Lewis is the shit

  4. That's a true fan hey 52 Lewis is the shit

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