Monday, January 7, 2013

Photo: Kent State unveiled some crazy-looking helmets for bowl game

Did anyone catch the Bowl between Kent State and Arkansas State Sunday night? Of course not. So to recap, Arkansas State edged out Kent State by a tally of 17-13 in a game with which only six points combined points were scored in the second half. Oh, and the Golden Flashes also wore some scary-looking helmets.

The custom domes featured decals that made it appear as if there were eyes staring into one's soul. Departing head coach Darrell Hazell, who is taking the same position at Purdue, reportedly had his equipment staff apply them to the helmets just prior to the game. Unfortunately, they didn't prove to be successful as Kent State lost their first bowl appearance since 1972.

The Red Wolves, however, managed to earn their first bowl since joining the GBS in 1992.

Via USA Today.

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