Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo: Johnny Manziel, girlfriend spotted sitting courtside

Heisman winning quarterback Johnny Manziel was spotted sitting courtside at an NBA game again on Tuesday. This time he brought his girlfriend, Sarah Savage, along for the matchup between the Rockets and Clippers in Houston.

In December, Manziel received criticism after he sitting courtside at a Dallas Mavericks game. Manziel claimed those seats were a birthday present to himself. Others cried foul that Manziel was receiving some sort of improper benefits. You know, the kind that usually warrant an NCAA investigation.

Just last week, Manziel tweeted a picture of himself holding up wads of money he alleged he won at a casino. As you can imagine, that drew the ire of some hateful critics as well.
Nonetheless, nothing major has yet to arise from any of this, and I doubt there will. The NCAA and Texas A&M have a walking money-maker with Manziel. They are certainly not going to do anything to jeopardize that.

Although frowned upon, I personally don't see too much to be up in arms about. Manziel has helped create a countless amount of revenue. So what if he receives an extra perk here and there? It still doesn't add up to the money he has probably generated. The real crime in this case is of the NCAA.

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