Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photo: Dallas Stars put Manti Te'o's girlfriend on jumbotron

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This Manti Te'o story has truly taken a life of its own. The bizarre tale of a Notre Dame star linebacker and his (fake) girlfriend has been the subject of many jokes since Deadspin broke the news on Wednesday.

With that being said, the Dallas Stars had a very special guest in attendance for their season opener on Saturday night. Lennay Kekua, the name of Te'o's alleged sweetheart, was shown here on the arena jumbotron enjoying the festivities of NHL action. As you can see, Kekua seems to be having a good time.

Manti Te'o was not among the Dallas crowd who saw the hometown Stars edge out the Phoenix Coyotes, 4-3. Rumor has it that he had trouble grasping where his seat was, much like he struggled with grasping Alabama ball carriers during the BCS National Championship game.

Via Darren Rovell (Twitter)

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