Monday, January 28, 2013

Photo: Chris Bosh photo bombs Heat teammates at the White House

Despite being an unofficial member of the "Big Three", Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh often finds himself being overshadowed by LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. After all, both James and Wade are virtual locks for the Hall of Fame one day, and so is Bosh, if you ask him.

In celebration of their NBA title last year, members of the Heat were invited to the White House for a tour and congratulatory speech by President Obama. During the visit, Bosh made sure everyone will remember that he was among the guys who was there after photo bombing this above photo.

It seems there is no place off limits for such shenanigans for Bosh. Not even the country's most prestigious "house".

Via The Score


  1. They are great players i just want to say that Lebron needs to post up more when game is on the line,they lost against Boston and i feel between these three guys they need to post more what do you think and have there game at all times at a fast pace!

  2. My problems is that even when Lebron is dominating the game as was the case in Boston, Wade continues to be the first option. Hard to understand that. Poor coaching or selfish play?

    1. LeBron is a facilitator by nature, always more Magic than Michael. Wade being the first "scoring" option fits both the team dynamic & their personalities. It comes down to trusting LeBron to make the right basketball play

  3. fuck the white house