Saturday, January 19, 2013

Northern Kentucky volleyball coach arrested, charged with sexual abuse

Cassandra Elfers, 21 (Source: Kenton Co. Detention Center)

A part-time volleyball coach was arrested on Friday on suspicion of having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Cassandra Elfers, 21, is facing first degree sexual abuses charges for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 15-year old boy who plays sports at Sharp Middle School, the same school in which Sharp served as coach.

Elfers was booked into the Kenton County Detention Center, but was later released after posting bond later in the evening.

The Pendleton County School system released the following statement late Friday:

On Sunday, January 13th,  the administration of the Pendleton County School District became aware of rumors that a paraprofessional, part time coach, may have been involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student. The administration acted immediately to investigate and took the necessary steps to insure that this individual had no further contacts with students. 

The matter is now in the hands of the Kentucky State Police and the Pendleton County Attorney with whom we are fully cooperating.  No further public comment will be made by the school district pending the resolution of the criminal proceedings.

I assure you that the administration of the Pendleton County School District acted swiftly and decisively to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. That is, and will always be our primary concern. 

Elfers also quit her full-time job as a waitress at nearby Eduardo's Pizza and Subs amid the investigation.

She will be represented by the same attorney as former Bengals cheerleader and Dixie Heights High School teacher, Sarah Jones, who struck a plea deal last October after being charged with having sex with a student.

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  1. The only abuse in this case is that law enforcement makes a mockery out of real sexual abuse when they prosecute these cases. What a waste of tax payer dollars and resources all because some 15 year old male teenager was lucky enough to sow his wild oats with a 21 yo women 6 years his senior. As far as the HS student that got it on with the former Bengal cheerleader I am really sure he felt like a victim. The lasting damage must be horrible as no teenage boy never fantasized about sex with a NFL cheerleader or the hot French teacher for that matter.

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