Friday, January 4, 2013

NBA superstar Kobe Bryant has joined Twitter

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has decided to join the social media craze known as Twitter.

The 34-year old created an account on Friday morning under the username of "@kobebryant". The account has been verified by Twitter, as noted by the check mark beside his name, so it appears to be legitimate.

The 14-time All-Star sent out his first tweet at approximately 9:13 AM PST when he wrote: "The antisocial has become social #mambatweets".

Bryant has already garnered nearly 100,000 followers at the time of this post despite the fact that he has yet to add a profile picture. A default image of a blue bird chowing down on a worm is shown instead at the moment.

It is still unclear how often the NBA superstar will use the account, but his presence alone has clearly excited the masses.

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