Monday, January 14, 2013

Miami Marlins continue to tick off fan base after scrapping events

The Miami Marlins are continuing to alienate what is left of their loyal fan base.

On Monday, a team spokesperson revealed that the team won't be holding their annual FanFest event this season. Fans will get the chance to attend a scaled down version at Marlins Park instead.

"It will be accurate that there will not be an event named FanFest,” Marlins vice president of marketing Sean Flynn said.

“We have an event that we will announce soon that will have some of the similar characteristics of a FanFest. It’ll be different and more fan friendly,” he said.

Fans will still get the chance to purchase tickets and interact with players, but the extent of how "different" and "fan friendly" the event will be is still left to be seen.

And as if that alone wasn't enough to grind the gears of ticked off fans, the club also revealed it won't be holding its annual player caravan this year, either. Traditionally, players and coaches have made appearances around the Miami-area community at schools, shops, and restaurants.

Flynn suggests that they will have a week where they allow fans to come mingle inside the ballpark along with fans instead. In essence, fans of the Fish will have to make their way down to Marlins Park rather than having the players come to them. This could prove problematic considering how many folks may have forgotten how to get there. Although Miami ranked in the middle-of-the-pack in MLB attendance last season, due largely in part to their new stadium, fan interest and attendance fell off sharply toward the end of the campaign.

Picked by many as preseason World Series contenders, the Marlins sputtered to a disappointing 69-93 record and last place finish in the division. The front office decided to implode the team by firing manager Ozzie Guillen and trading away the likes of Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and Josh Johnson, among others, to Toronto.

Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton and pitcher Ricky Nolasco have since criticized the team's management for their bold moves.

The announcement on Monday will do little in helping to regain and/or repair fan interest. In fact, it is yet another blow to the existing fan base, and a potentially costly one at that.

Via The Palm Beach Post


  1. It's a disgrace what the Marlins have done to their fans. One more cleaning of the house. How do they expect to ever establish a fan base with all the disappointments they have given the community. I for one have not been to the new ball park nor do I have plans to attend any time soon. I think they should sell the team to someone who is willing try to put a contender on the field and stop toying with fans.

  2. I've lived in South Florida for 21 years and if the team puts a talented product on the field or in this case a poor product on the field, the "fans" still won't show up. The mistake was putting the stadium in Miami instead of Broward County. The people of Miami have no clue what it is to be a "fan of the sport". People from up North attend games wether the team is doing good or bad. I blame the Marlins for actually thinking that the so called fans would show up.

    1. What did Broward county do to entice the Marlins. Nothing!!!The problem is ownership...They were only interested in a city or county that would give them a free ride...Dade County where the idiots that gave in to the Marlins...MLB need to force these clouns to sell the team...The Marlins owners are a joke and Dade County is even funnier for alowing themselves to be taken for a ride

  3. The Marlins management is a joke and have no clue. As far as the stadium in Miami - lets get real. I live in Broward County but realize Miami was the only place for the stadium. If fact Broward and Palm Beach counties brought no real alternatives to Marlins for a stadium. The Miami Heat are a perfect example, you win and the fans from Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach will come. But you have to put a good product on the field, fan & season ticket holder friendly and have competent management. Which the Miami Marlins are not!

  4. It is in the interest of MLB owners and MLBPA, to do something about the Miami Marlins ownership. Their actions affect the whole business. They should be forced to sell the team.

  5. I think they will do better, now with players that "want to play" stead of those that don't want to get "lesionate" and play like girls.After they get millions they don't play good................

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