Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Legendary 'Field of Dreams' diamond officially sold to investors

Remember the epic diamond depicted in the "Field of Dreams"? Of course you do. Well, the historical site located in Iowa has officially been bought by a group of investors for a cool price of $3.4 million plus interest.

The field's prior owners, Don and Becky Lansing, originally listed the property for $5.4 million when it went on market two years ago.

The new owners, investment group Go the Distance Baseball LLC, plan to transform the landmark into a 24-field youth baseball and softball tournament complex, which will be called All-Star Ballpark Heaven.

Construction on the aforementioned complex is slated to begin this spring, although the first tournament games aren't likely to be played until 2014.

The Dyersville site was home to the 1989 blockbuster film entitled "Field of Dreams", which features a corn farmer (Kevin Costner), who hears voices commanding him to build a baseball field on his property. The farmer abides and nearly loses his residence in the process due to the financial burden of construction. However, his bold move attracts late baseball legends and eventually ends on a happy note.


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