Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Florida State linebacker on NIU's Jordan Lynch: 'He's not good at all'

Florida State embarrassed quarterback Jordan Lynch and Northern Illinois in the national spotlight during the Discover Orange Bowl. The Seminoles hounded the highly-touted signal caller and eventually recorded an easy, 31-10, victory over the Huskies.

Lynch, a Second Team All-American selection by the Associated Press, provided some bulletin material for FSU's defense earlier in the week.

“They’re fast, they’re physical, but they haven’t seen anything like our offense,” Lynch said. “We plan on wearing them down. In the fourth quarter, we plan to have them on their knees and then just keep pounding away.”

His confident comments likely worked against him on Tuesday as he was stifled by the Seminoles defense all evening long. He completed just 15-of-41 pass attempts and rushed for only 44 yards on 23 carries.

FSU linebacker Vince Williams, who tallied 10 tackles and a sack, had some follow-up remarks once the game concluded, and they weren't complimentary.

“He’s terrible,” Williams said. “I can’t believe they tried us like that. They tried our life, man. He’s not good at all.

"It motivated us a lot," Williams said. "That was straight-up bulletin board material. First of all because of how much success our defense had. We've been really, really good and nobody's ever said anything like that to us. So we were like, 'this man must have lost his mind.'"

Williams concluded his verbal assault on Lynch by stating:

"What did he do that was good?" Williams continued to rail, his voice rising in pace, pitch and volume. "He didn't do nothing that was good, we were killing him."

While Williams definitely has a right to be offended and/or upset over Lynch's comments, whether they were meant to be interpreted that way or not, I will never understand why players trash opposing players following a big victory. Aside from displaying poor sportsmanship, comments such as this these by Williams often go toward diminishing one's personal achievements. Does it not make your team's performance look less impressive by stating that Lynch wasn't all that great?

Nevertheless, Williams' comments add salt to an already gaping wound in NIU's and Lynch's pride.

Via Orlando Sentinel.

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