Thursday, January 10, 2013

Florida golfer tracks down sneaky critter who stole his iPhone

A mischievous raccoon named "Rocky" has been pillaging unsuspecting golfers at Okeeheelee Golf Course in Palm Beach County for quite some time now. In the past year alone, Rocky has swiped food items, wallets, and several other goodies from players. The latest item he made off with was an iPhone4 on New Year's Day. However, a GPS app has since helped track the phone down and return it to its rightful owner.

Brian Acker returned to the Okeeheelee course on Jan. 1 in hopes of finding his phone which he had lost just a day before. With the help of some employees and the tracking app, Acker was able to retrieve the case to his phone about 12-feet up in a palm tree near the second hole. After climbing a bit higher using a ladder, the group found Acker's iPhone nestled in the treetop along with several other food wrappers. Apparently, the critter has quite an appetite.

"He has a taste for open food items left in golf carts and shiny items," said Okeeheelee General Manager Mac Hood, who helped find the phone. "The raccoon just saw something he liked and he went in there and grabbed it."

Thankfully, the phone suffered no major cosmetic damage and it was still fully functional. Rocky didn't appear to make any long distance phone calls either.

Acker said that he plans to play golf again at the course, but insists that next time he will leave his cellphone in the car.

Via Sun Sentinel.

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