Sunday, January 13, 2013

California prep basketball coach accused of using zip ties, clothes pins to punish players

Francis Ngissah

A prep basketball coach in California was arrested on Wednesday amid allegations of abuse from players.

Francis Amiteye Ngissah is suspected of child abuse involving cruel corporal punishment, battery, and false imprisonment. Four student athletes who attend CCSE Preparatory Academy in Roseville, a boarding school where foreign exchange students come to live and learn about basketball, recently came forward with the startling allegations.

“They were punished, and had to stand in the corner for an extended period of time, with their hands and feet bound by zip-ties,” a police spokesperson told FOX40. “They also had clothes pins attached to their nipples.”

According to the Roseville Police Department, two others have also came forward with similar stories of abuse since the original four accusers.

Police say Ngissah ran the program from this home. There were still boxes of basketball sneakers visible in the trash on Thursday. But behind the doors, police say he abused his own players.

Since three of the players involved were teenagers, there was some initial concern that the case may be sexually-related. However, a police spokesperson said "it seems more sadistic to us."

Ngissah has since been released after posting $100,000 bail.

Via Fox40.

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