Friday, November 30, 2012

Video: Drew Gordon's preposterous flop

Grab your popcorn, folks. You are about to witness the most egregious flop in basketball history.

Watch as American-born Drew Gordon over-embellishes a play during a recent Euroleague game.
That move may work to draw a foul in any soccer league, but it doesn't work in the NBA and it appears as though it doesn't work in Europe either.

The best part of the video clip comes at the 0:20 mark when the sound of a gun shot accompanies Gordon's hilarious acting job.

Via Deadspin.

Phoenix Suns to offer money-back guarantee to fans

Money-back guarantees are often reserved for things more tangible in nature, not a sporting event. However, the Phoenix Suns are offering their fans just that when they play host to the Dallas Mavericks next Thursday.

Any Suns fan who buys a ticket and attends the game will get their money returned if they are not 100% satisfied with their experience. The offer is the first of its kind in the NBA and is valid regardless of whether or not the team wins.

The move comes amid poor attendance levels in Phoenix as the club currently ranks 24th in the league at approximately 15,063 fans per game.

Fans can take up the team on their promise when leaving the arena after Thursday's game, but I can only wonder how many folks will try and take advantage of the situation and ask for them money back anyway.

Via USA Today.

Video: Dudes play one-handed beer football game in Iowa

There is nothing better than sipping on an ice cold brew to go along with a little pigskin, am I right? Well, this is exactly what brings the Babbitt and Hembry boys to a small town in Iowa every year. The group of guys recently partook in the 10th annual PBR Bowl, which is aptly named after the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer that they are required to hold/drink while playing.

If you are curious as to how it exactly works, check out the rules below:

1. You must have a PBR in your hand at all times.

2. If you drop the PBR, you must chug it and grab another.

Video: Arkansas State's cringeworthy promo for Saturday's game

Brace yourself. This is how the folks in Jonesboro are gearing up for Saturday's huge Sun Belt Conference game. That game will pit the host Arkansas State Red Wolves (8-3, 6-1) up against the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders (8-3, 6-1) in a winner-take-all scenario for the conference championship.

The fine people at Arkansas State decided to make a little a promotional video in honor of the affair. It was a noble effort, however, it may have actually suppressed enthusiasm for the weekend. I'm not sure who thought this would be a good idea, but I'm glad they did because it gave us one of the worst (or best) pump-up clips of all-time.

Via Deadspin.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Duke quarterback to Louisville: 'Get ready for an ACC ass whoopin'


The Louisville Cardinals wrapped up a share of the Big East title on Thursday after knocking off the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, 20-17, in Piscataway. The win also assuredly punched their ticket to a BCS game by way of a tiebreaker. This coming on the heels of the news on Wednesday which announced that Louisville had accepted an invitation to join the ACC beginning in 2014.

Well, as fate would have it, the most likely opponent the Cardinals will face should hail from their future conference in the Orange Bowl. Leave it up to the backup quarterback at Duke, a current member of the ACC, to stir up the pot.

Blue Devils signal caller Anthony Boone had this to say following Louisville's win Thursday night:

Photo: Aggies fan gets haircut with likeness of Johnny Manziel

johnny manziel haircut by rob the original

A Texas A&M Aggies fan showed his support for freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel recently when he had an image of the Heisman hopeful's likeness shaved into his head. Yes, the "Johnny Football" craze is sweeping the nation.a

Video: DeAndre Jordan pranks people while wearing horse mask

Be careful the next time you're out roaming the streets of Los Angeles. You may just run into Clippers forward DeAndre Jordan dressed in some crazy horse head.

The video was exclusively filmed and produced by NOC, who has also previously shot other prank videos in which Jordan is featured. One of those aforementioned vids had the near-seven-footer pretending to "break wind" on folks.

Needless to say, Jordan's sneaky antics get a mixed bag of reactions from those he encounters. Nonetheless, well played.

Via Bleacher Report.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Atlanta airport workers welcome Saints to town by egging them

The Atlanta Falcons (10-1) are all set to play host to the New Orleans Saints (5-6) on Thursday, but don't expect the Falcons to welcome their division rivals with any southern hospitality. That became apparent when the team landed in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport late Wednesday. They were reportedly treated to a nice round of eggs being thrown their way.

Saints backup quarterback tweeted out the following: "Wow, as we're boarding buses on the Tarmac @ Atlanta airport, we start getting eggs thrown @ us by airport workers! Guess they do hate us!"

Tight end Jimmy Graham confirmed Daniel's tweet by also tweeting: "Bus just got egged after landing in ATL by the ramp workers. Classy! 'RISE Up' smh".

And as if getting showered with egg yolk isn't problematic enough, wide receiver Joseph Morgan appears to be suffering through another situation as well.

Video: A brawl breaks out between Celtics and Nets

A brawl broke out in Boston on Wednesday night during a game pitting the Celtics versus the Brooklyn Nets.

The incident was sparked when Brooklyn's Kris Humphries committed a hard foul on Boston's Kevin Garnett late in the second quarter. Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo took offense and gave Humphries a spirited shove in retaliation. A brief moment of chaos ensued.

Both Rondo and Humphries were tossed because of their roles in the melee.

The action begins in the 0:18 mark of the video.

Pitching legend Nolan Ryan has cookbook in the works

Baseball pitching great Nolan Ryan has served up his fair share of heated fastballs over the years. And it appears as though the Hall of Famer is ready to serve up some advice on how to prepare a good meal as well.

From the Associated Press:

The game's all-time strikeout king is also a longtime Texas rancher and has compiled dozens of his favorite recipes for ''The Nolan Ryan Beef Cookbook.'' Little, Brown and Co. announced Monday that the book is scheduled for May 2014.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Video: Novak Djokovic receives massage during match from Brazilian ladies

Professional tennis player Novak Djokovic is on top of the world right now. The 25-year old Serbian is ranked No. 1 in the world, but the journey to the top hasn't come easy. And that's exactly why he needed a good rubdown from four Brazilian women during an exhibition match against Gustavo Kuerten last week.

Yes, it's good to be king.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Video: Tyson Chandler throws down putback dunk over two Nets defenders

New York's Tyson Chandler cleaned up a miss by teammate Carmelo Anthony and proceeded to hammer down this nasty two-handed dunk on Monday. The unfortunate souls who he posterized in the process are none other than Brooklyn's Ben Wallace and Brook Lopez.

However, Chandler's putback slam and 26 other points weren't enough as the Knicks fell to the Nets, 96-89, in overtime at the Barclays Center.

Drew Gooden gives away tickets after fan tweets picture of Bulls jersey in toilet

Milwaukee Bucks veteran forward Drew Gooden had an interesting way of giving out two free tickets to Monday's game against the Chicago Bulls. He awarded them via Twitter to the first follower who could tweet at him with a picture of a Bulls jersey in a toilet. Don't believe me? Here's proof:

Video: Former UTEP cheerleader breaks world record for consecutive backflips


Want a video that is sure to make your head spin? Look no further than this one provided by Jalyessa Walker.

On Saturday, the former University of Texas at El Paso cheerleader shattered the world record for most consecutive backflips during halftime of the UTEP-Rice football game. The previous record of 35 was set last month by a high school cheerleader. Walker, a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, crushed that mark by nailing 49.

"I wish I didn't run out of room so I could have done 50," Walker told the El Paso Times. "As soon as I hit the concrete, I was starting to get tired and scared because I didn't want to fall."

Dolphins' Jonathan Amaya charged with battery after choking taxi driver


Miami Dolphins defensive back Jonathan Amaya is paid to lock down receivers. However, the 24-year old opted to lock down a taxi driver over the weekend instead. From USA Today:

A Miami Beach Police report shows Amaya was arrested early Monday morning. It was not immediately known if he has an attorney.

The report says Amaya offered the taxi driver $100 to take him from Miami Beach to Weston. The driver told police Amaya became aggressive, so he turned around the car and asked him to get out. The driver said Amaya then leaned forward, wrapped his hands around the driver's neck and starting choking him. Officers saw the taxi driving erratically and heard the driver scream "this man is trying to kill me."

Police escorted Amaya out of the car and he was later arrested. The driver wasn't injured.

Video: Small kid gets leveled by much larger player in pee wee football


Here's a real life example of the old fable known as David vs Goliath, folks. Except only this time Goliath wins handily.

The play comes courtesy of a pee wee football game in which Jerome Bettis, uh I mean a massive fullback, shows no mercy on a potential tackler by trucking the poor kid en route to a big gain. Rumor has it that the defender he knocked over is still searching for his mouthpiece.

Ray Lewis has nothing on this guy. That punishing hit was brutal.

Via Big Lead Sports.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Video: Saints' Brodrick Bunkley ejected after kicking opponent in head

Is it just me or has there been a spike in unsportsmanlike behavior in the NFL this season?
New Orleans Saints lineman Brodrick Bunkley attempted to one-up Ndamukong Suh's groin kick on Thanksgiving by delivering a little swift kick of his own on Sunday. Watch as the former first round draft pick takes out his anger on San Francisco's Alex Boone by booting him in the back of the head while Boone was laying on the ground.
Unfortunately for Bunkley, a nearby official saw the classless act and ejected Bunkley. Big No. 77 will likely be hit with an additional suspension and/or fine because of it as well.
To make matters worse for him and the Saints, the 49ers went on to win the game 31-21.

Video: Harrison Barnes throws down nasty one-handed dunk


On Saturday, the Golden State Warriors knocked off the Minnesota Timberwolves by a tally of 96-85 at the Oracle Arena. They did so thanks in small part to this amazing one-handed slam by rookie forward Harrison Barnes.

The play occurred near the end of the second quarter when Barnes received the ball in full stride and then delivered an authoritative flush over Timberwolves center Nikola Pekovic. It was one of those dunks that made you jump out of your seat regardless of which team you were rooting for. As for Pekovic, I'm pretty sure he'll be having nightmares about the play for weeks to come.

Barnes, a North Carolina Tar Heels product, finished the game with a double-double after recording 10 points and 11 rebounds in a team-high 39 minutes of action.

The Warriors outscored the visiting Timberwolves 26-11 in the final quarter to secure the come-from-behind victory.

Video: Huge hit by South Carolina defender draws penalty

The Clemson Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks hooked up for a bitter rivalry game on Saturday. And it would seem as though there is no love lost between the two schools.

Seen here is Gamecocks safety D.J. Swearinger laying the wood to Tigers running back Andrew Ellington during a play. Swearinger then proceeds to pick up an unsportsmanlike penalty after taunting Ellington with an in-your-face flex maneuver.

South Carolina went on to flex their proverbial muscles as well after winning the game, 27-17, to wrap a 10-2 regular season.

Via Bleacher Report.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Video: Ohio State's Braxton Miller gets blown up

Watch as Michigan linebacker Frank Clark blind-sides Ohio State quarterback and Heisman contender Braxton Miller during the second quarter of their game on Saturday. Ouch.

The Buckeyes are looking to finish off a perfect season by going 8-0 in the Big Ten Conference and 12-0 overall.

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Video: Ohio State and Michigan mix it up before kickoff

One of college football's greatest rivalries will be renewed today when the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes play host to the Michigan Wolverines. As you can see, things got a little chippy between the two teams during the pregame. It should make for a fantastic Big 10 contest.

BYU basketball fans made 6,300 shirts in honor of top recruit

A pair of BYU basketball fans are going to great lengths to impress the nation's No. 2 recruit, Jabari Parker, this weekend. The diehard supporters, Greg Welch and Tony Brown, have printed over 6,000 t-shirts to be handed out before BYU's game against Cal State Northridge on Saturday. The shirts read "Chicago to Provo" and are an attempt to help lure Parker from Chicago Simeon Career Academy to the Cougars' campus next season. The shirts were funded by more than 200 donations to the website

"I have a Twitter account, a few blogs like any crazy fan has these days, and the community I'm involved with thought, 'What can we do to roll out the red carpet for him?' " said Welch, who attended BYU and now lives in Iowa. " 'What can we do to add to the excitement when he is here?' Our goal is for there to be electricity in the building and (Saturday) night is a special environment."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Video: Cam Newton stars in latest NFL Play 60 ad

Here's a video of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and an inquisitive young boy. The dialogue that transpires is rather funny. It's all in part of the NFL Play 60 program, which urges kids to get out and play for at least 60 minutes each day.

Video: Blake Griffin lays down the law on Deron Williams

Blake Griffin is pretty good at basketball. This was further evidenced by the Los Angeles Clippers' monster block on Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams on Friday. The two-time All Star even had the presence of mind to strip and pass the ball away as well. Impressive.

Philadelphia Eagles fan seeks tickets in exchange for Halloween candy

Let's face it. Not everyone has the extra cash to drop on a pair of Monday Night Football tickets. They just don't come cheap anymore. However, one Philadelphia Eagles fan is getting creative in how he plans to fund his trip to next week's Eagles game vs the Carolina Panthers on MNF.
From Craiglist:
I’ll trade my leftover Halloween candy for tickets to the Eagles vs Pathers game this Monday night.

I have 23 Snickers bars (fun size), 5 Snickers Almond bars (fun size), and an unopened bag of Charms Blow Pops (assorted flavors).

The game is Monday night, it’s against the Panthers, and it’s going to be cold. If you’d rather not sit through another Eagles’ game, this is a great trade.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hapless Cleveland Browns to hand out white flags as part of promotion

The 2-8 Cleveland Browns have simply been terrible this season. And this fact seems to extend all the way down from the players on the field up to their marketing department. Here's an example.

The Browns are hosting the 6-4 Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday and all fans in attendance are slated to receive a white flag as part of a promotion with The NFL Ticket Exchange. Yes, a white flag. You know, the ones that are usually used to signal surrender to the opposition. Whoops!

Perhaps Cleveland could save everyone some time by going ahead and forfeiting the game. As Shutdown Corner noted, the Steelers have won 21 of the previous 23 matchups between the two, including 10 of the last 11. However, one should assume that team personnel would be a little more aware of how their promotions translate to public perception. Oh well. Their lack of foresight has provided some comedy for the time being.

Video: Owen Daniels scores touchdown, pretends to carve turkey

Well, it's Turkey Day. It's a day for Americans to indulge in two of their favorite things: food and football. And what better way to celebrate a touchdown than by displaying a blend of both?
Houston Texans tight end Owens Daniels did precisely that on Thursday after corralling a TD pass from Matt Schaub late in the second quarter. Watch as he begins the celebratory shenanigan by pretending to carve a turkey and then offer the goods to the Detroit crowd.

Photo: A world map based on sport popularity

Here's an interesting world map depicting sport popularity by region. Not surprisingly, most of the world favors the original futbol over the Americanized way. However, there are some other notables to take away from this graphic as well.

Asia is apparently split in popularity between baseball, cricket, soccer, kick boxing, and table tennis (aka "ping pong") of all things.

North America appears pretty mixed about their preferences too. While majority of the continent prefers either football or ice hockey, there are some states that lean more toward baseball or basketball. It should come as no shock that New York and Massachusetts are among those who tune into baseball more (Yankees, Red Sox). Additionally, Kentucky, North Carolina and California shouldn't bewilder anyone as to why they favor hardwood action. They each possess one of the top basketball programs in their state in the likes of UK, UCLA, UNC, Duke, and Louisville.

Via SportsGrid.

Video: Kevin Durant gives elderly woman a kiss


Kevin Durant was handing out free kisses on Wednesday night. Let me explain.

Seen here is the Oklahoma City Thunder forward laying a big fat one on an elderly woman after accidentally hitting her in the face with an errant pass. The play occurred during the third quarter of OKC's game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Thunder went on to win the game, 117-111, in overtime to improve to 9-3 on the season.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Video: Morehead State coach nearly brings player to tears during heated exchange

It's not everyday you see a grown man nearly succumb to tears because of a basketball game. But on Wednesday night during the Morehead State-Kentucky bout, one senior nearly did.

With about six minutes left in the contest, and the Wildcats up by eight, Eagles guard Devon Atkinson fouled out of the game after contributing just four points. Morehead State head coach Sean Woods clearly wasn't too happy about that. He let his feelings be known as he unleashed a fiery tirade on Atkinson as his player exited the floor.

See for yourself as Woods gives Atkinson an earful on several occasions while even throwing in a good shove at one point as well.

Via Sporting News.

Video: Sam Gordon becomes first female football player on Wheaties box

Sam Gordon continues to take the nation by storm. Earlier this month, this video hit YouTube showing the nine-year old dominating the boys in the pee week ranks. Now the fleet-footed running back has landed her image on Wheaties boxes. She becomes the first female football player to ever appear on the famous cereal cover.

It doesn't get any bigger than that, folks. Hey, anyone who can notch nearly 2,000 yards and 35 touchdowns in a single season is deserving in my book. That's precisely what the Utah native did last season in her youth football league.

She recently made an appearance on SportsCenter to talk about her accolades. The video of that interview can be seen in the video above. Enjoy.

Via Bleacher Report.

Video: Luiz Adriano scores one of the cheapest soccer goals ever

Here's a prime nominee for Bush League Play of the Week. From NBC Sports:

What we’ve got here is Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Nordsjlland in Ukranian Champions League play today, where Donetsk forward Luiz Adriano of Brazil is called for a foul. Soccer etiquette is for the offending player to tap the ball to the other team’s goalie after a player gets hurt, and Adriano makes it look like he’s going to do that — but then dribbles by him and scores in the uncontested net.

Soccer players seem willing to do whatever means necessary to gain a competitive advantage on their foes. Whether it be flopping on the ground like a fish after receiving a harmless slide tackle in hopes of drawing a card, or a situation similar to what we saw in the video above, futbol athletes don't seem to care. Hey, if you aren't cheating you aren't trying, right?

Shakhtar Donetsk won the game (5-2), by the way.

College basketball player scores 138 points in one game!

Jack Taylor of Grinnell College (Iowa) set a new NCAA record on Tuesday night when he managed to score 138 points in a win against Faith Baptist Bible College. The previous record was held by Clarence "Bevo" Francis, who dropped 113 in a game back in 1954.

Taylor, a 5-foot-10 guard, shot 52-108 from the field including 27-71 from 3-point range, and 7-10 from the charity stripe.

Check out his interview with SportsCenter in the video above for more on the superhuman effort.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo: Larry King celebrates birthday with Psy, Chan Ho Park

Hey, what do CNN talk show host Larry King, his wife, former MLB pitcher Chan Ho Park, and Korean rapper Psy all have in common? They all appear in this photo together.

Apparently, the four met up and posed for this pic in honor of King's 78th birthday on Monday. The photo was then uploaded via Twitter along with the following caption:

USC quarterback guarantees win over top ranked Notre Dame

The USC Trojans (7-4) play host to the nation's top ranked team on Saturday when they welcome the undefeated Notre Dame Fighing Irish (11-0) to town. You can find that game on ABC beginning at 8:00 PM ET.

Brian Kelly's bunch enters the game as heavy favorites to emerge victorious, but that isn't how USC redshirt freshman Max Wittek sees it.

Wittek, who will get the start in place of injured starting QB Matt Barkley, made an appearance on a Los Angeles radio show on Tuesday and guaranteed a win for his club. You can here a audio clip from parts of that interview in the video above.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Video: Tom Brady stars in new UGG commercial

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knows a thing or two about looking good. Heck, he was just named one of the sexiest men alive by People and he also happens to be married to Gisele Bundchen, a Brazilian model/actress/bombshell. He also knows a little bit about how to play the game of football. He blended his expertise of both in the above video clip.

Here Brady is starring in a new commercial for UGG boots. Apparently the reward for making the football team nowadays is not only a place on the roster, but a sweet pair of Uggs as well. Watch as Brady gives the fella a nice congratulations followed by a swift bro punch to the pads.

Via Bleacher Report.

Video: Butler's Rotnei Clarke propels Bulldogs to victory with buzzer beater

God must be a fan of the Butler Bulldogs basketball program. Monday's buzzer beating-win against Marquette is just further proof. Watch as Butler's Rotnei Clarke sinks a one-handed desperation shot as time expired to pull out the 72-71 win in Maui. What a finish.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Orioles prospect Kevin Gausman is very sad about the Hostess news

The recent demise of the Hostess brand has sent panic throughout the country as people are left to cope with the reality of no more delicious snack cakes. This led many folks to flood their nearest supermarket when the news broke early Friday morning. One guy in particular who must be sweating bullets right now is Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Kevin Gausman, who the team tabbed with their first round pick last June.

Nearly all baseball players have some sort of unusual superstition. However, the former LSU Tiger has one that may now be in jeopardy. Gausman apparently has to eat four Hostess powdered Donettes before EACH inning he pitches. And since Hostess is no longer going to be making these delicious treats for guys like him anymore, it presents a huge problem.

Video: Terrence Jones throws down monster dunk


Houston Rockets rookie forward Terrence Jones threw down this wicked slam during Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers. The man who took the brunt of the blow was none other than Lakers guard Jodie Meeks, who like Jones, also played his college ball at the University of Kentucky.

Video: Kent State's Dri Archer makes a mockery of opposing defense with 74-yard score

The Kent State Golden Flashes (10-1) edged out the Bowling Green State Falcons (7-4), 31-24, on Saturday thanks in large part to this electrifying run by running back Dri Archer. Watch as the 5-foot-8 Archer runs around, through, and past several Falcons defenders en route to an incredible 74-yard touchdown scamper.

Believe it or not, Archer ripped off an even longer touchdown run earlier in the game when he rumbled 79 yards for a score in the second quarter. He wound up stuffing the stat sheet with 241 yards on the ground on the strength of just 17 carries. Yep, not a bad day for the native Floridian.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Video: Les Miles gets emotional during press conference, drops F-Bomb

The LSU Tigers rallied from behind to notch a thrilling 41-35 victory over the visiting Ole Miss Rebels on Saturday. Needless to say, LSU head coach Les Miles was very emotional afterward.

Watch as Miles pays tribute to his seniors on Senior Day by dropping an expletive followed by a relatively homophobic remark followed by a depiction of how the back-and-forth game went. Good stuff.

Detroit Lions players hand out winter coats to city's kids

A Detroit-area pizza chain partnered with Lions players to hand out 4,000 winter coats to city's youth on Saturday. The giveaway was sponsored by Happy's Pizza, who reportedly paid $75,000 to fund the fourth annual event.

Wide receivers Titus Young and Nate Burleson, linebacker Stephen Tulloch, and running back Joique Bell were among the Lions player who chipped in to volunteer their time. They were also joined by volunteers from Greater Grace Temple and some Detroit firefighters to help distribute the much-needed outerwear.

With the frigid cold air of winter drawing near, it's good to know that these kids will be ready for it.

Via Detroit Free Press.

Video: Johnny Manziel's extra point attempt fail

Texas A&M freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel has quickly become a household name across the country. The dual-threat signal caller appears to have the ability to do it all. Well, maybe not everything.

With his Aggies up 40-0 early in the third quarter, Manziel tries his hand at kicking an extra point. His attempt is unsuccessful as the ball sails wide right.

Their opponent, Sam Houston State, didn't take too kindly to the shenanigan. Aside from it being a little unsportsmanlike, the Cougars have rallied to outscore the host Aggies by a tally of 28-7 ever since.

What do you think? Was the move by Texas A&M disrespectful or not?

Los Angeles Clipper to donate Thanksgiving meals to needy families from his hometown

Los Angeles Clippers forward Caron Butler is a native of Racine, Wisconsin. And as an act of genoristy, the 32-year old will be giving back next week by donating 200 Thanksgiving meals to needy families in his hometown.

From The Journal Times:

The two-time NBA All-Star and Racine native will be busy with team activities during the holidays but family members have volunteered to help hand out meals at the Dr. John Bryant Community Center, 601 21st St., from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Video: Ray Lewis delivers pregame speech to Clemson football team


Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Sweeney had a motivational speaker come talk to his team before Saturday's game against N.C. State. That speaker was none other than 13-time Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis, who may very well be the scariest dude on the face of the planet. 

Here's video of the 37-year old's pregame speech to the Tigers players. It kind of makes you want to run through a wall yourself, doesn't it?

Coach Sweeney is hoping the pep talk prevents another defeat like the one Clemson suffered from the Wolfpack last season (37-13).

Via The Big Lead.

Photo: St. Louis Cardinals to wear new jerseys in 2013


The St. Louis Cardinals will be donning new-look uniforms for the 2013 season. The biggest difference will be that the front lettering will read "St. Louis" instead of the traditional "Cardinals". It's been eight decades since any Cardinals jersey has done that.

However, most of the old design is remaining relatively unchanged. The pair of birds will still perch upon the mysteriously floating yellow bat. And their eyes will now have more detail as oppose to just dots.

For all those folks who still like the old ones better, not to worry. The Cardinals will only be wearing these on Saturdays during home games.

It now leaves three historic MLB franchises (Yankees, Tigers, Dodgers) as the only teams not to boast three different uniforms in their rotation.

Video: Kevyn Cooper miraculously avoids being tackled by two Florida Gators

This Jacksonville State wide receiver may go by the name of Kevyn Cooper, but folks may be referring to him as Houdini after the play he pulled off during Saturday's game against No. 6 Florida. It certainly can be related to a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat.

Watch as Cooper hauls in a pass from Gamecocks quarterback Marques Ivory and proceeds to emerge from an almost sure tackle to run it all the way down to the 7-yard line. The only bright spot for the Gators on this drive is that they prevented Jacksonville State from scoring.

Florida is hoping to improve to 10-1 with a victory.

Alabama commit breaks all-time national rushing record

Yulee (Fla.) High School running back Derrick Henry entered Friday evening needing just 102 rushing yards to pass Ken Hall for the national career-rushing yards record. Not only did Henry smash that mark with 482 yards on the ground off of a whopping 58 carries, but he also scored six touchdowns as well. He now has 11,612 yards and 148 TDs in his illustrious prep career.

Henry, a bruising 6-foot-3, 238-pound senior is currently committed to play football next season at the University of Alabama.

"Breaking this record means a lot to me," Henry said. "I'm glad I could share it with my coaches, my teammates and all of Yulee. They all helped me get to this point. I don't think it will really hit me until I'm done with football."

The man who previously held the rushing record, Hall, boasted the title for nearly six decades after wrapping up his high school career with Sugar Land (Texas) High School in 1953.

Photo: McKayla Maroney visits White House, not impressed with President Obama

On Thursday, United States Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney visited President Obama and the The White House. During her visit, Obama took the time to snap this hilarious photo featuring Maroney's infamous "not impressed" look from the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Her signature facial expression stems from her reaction after learning she had won silver and not gold in the women's vault competition. Maroney wasn't impressed then, and she certainly did not seem impressed or awestruck on Thursday either.

Via The White House.

Friday, November 16, 2012

South Dakota football player charged with trying to defraud the IRS won't play this week against rival

You don't mess with the Internal Revenue Service. University of South Dakota football player Christopher Lundy found that out the hard way this week, and as a result will not play in his team's game against rival South Dakota State on Saturday. But losing out playing time is the least of Lundy's worries at this point.

The Coyotes sophomore defensive back is alleged to have been involved in an identity theft scheme to defraud the IRS out of more than $1 million. A group of eight others are also said to be in on the mischievous plot, including five of which who are former South Dakota athletes. The band of financial delinquents were charged in a South Dakota federal court earlier this week. Lundy pleaded not guilty.

I'm not sure what kind of tax classes they teach at USD (if any), but they ought to take a serious look at revamping it.

Via AP.

Former NFL punter Ray Guy says stupid voters keep punters out of the Hall of Fame

There are approximately 273 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but seven-time Pro Bowler Ray Guy isn't one of them. Guy, arguably the best punter in NFL history, isn't too thrilled about that either. In fact, not a single punter has ever been inducted into football's greatest shrine, and this has led Guy to believe the position is vastly under appreciated among Hall of Fame voters. He let his feelings be known in a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports.

“I watch them [punters] and in the back of my mind I know you’re wasting your time because we got some stupid people who don’t understand,” Guy said. “Here’s a kid who’s got a dream of being a punter in the NFL, but you got people here who cut him down before they even get out of the chute. So what are you telling these kids? To forget about it? I guess it all stems around people just don’t understand the importance of a punter. They really don’t. Unless you played. You have to be in there. You have to understand every player on that team has a position or play to do. And all they do is drag and fuss about ‘well yeah he can punt and this and that and the other thing,’ but they don’t really respect that and they think it shouldn’t be alongside the other guys in the Hall of Fame.”

Charlie Weis is buying tickets for Kansas students on Senior Day

There's really only one way to put fans in the stands of a team who is 1-9: free tickets. That's precisely what Kansas Jayhawk head football coach Charlie Weis plans plans to do this Saturday when his team takes on the Iowa State Cyclones (5-5) in Lawrence.

The embattled coach announced on Twitter that he will pick up the tab on tickets for any student who wishes to go. The move is an effort to draw a respectable crowd on Senior Day.

From Weis:

Tom Brady leads group of four athletes named sexiest men by People

People recently revealed its dubious annual list of sexiest men alive, and three U.S. athletes made the cut. The magazine opted to select the sexiest man from each state, 50 in all, to comprise a spread they called the "United States of Sexy".

NFL quarterback Tom Brady earned the nod from Michigan, speed skater Apollo Anton Ohno represented Washington, and Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers took Alaska.

Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius garnered honors for South Africa in the foreign division.

In a bit of a shock, enigmatic NFL signal caller Tim Tebow did not make the list. Just wait until ESPN receives word of this!

Via USA Today.

Video: Prep Canadian football squad scores touchdown by returning a punt with a punt

What you see here is an amazing play executed by Winnigpeg Kelvin High School against a fellow Winnipeg High School Football League opponent. Watch as as they field a punt, punt the ball again, and then race down the field to score an improbable touchdown. How was that play legal? Well, for one thing the game was played under Canadian rules, which allows for such trickery. More from Prep Rally:

Unlike American football, Canadian football holds that once a punt travels more than 10 yards downfield, the kicking team can recover the free ball and regain possession. In this way, Canadian punts are essentially just like American kickoffs.

However, in a nod to rugby, Canadian football holds that on scrimmage kicks (i.e., punts and missed field goals), the returning team can respond by immediately punting the ball back to the other team, creating a free-for-all where whichever team gets to the ball first will retain possession.

Those folks in Canada sure know how to spice up a game.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly threatens to go on Oprah if Irish go undefeated

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is determined to see to it that his Fighting Irish play in the BCS National Championship Game if they finish the regular season undefeated. His team currently ranks third in the BCS standings behind fellow unbeatens Oregon and Kansas State and thus, sits on the outside looking in for a chance to play for the title.

Kelly told SiriusXM College Sports Nation that he plans to go on the campaign trail if the current playoff picture holds true, even threatening to make an appearance on The Oprah Show to state his case. There is only one problem with that plan, The Oprah Show no longer exists!

From Kelly:

A women's basketball team beat another 88-0 in a high school game in Arkansas

Here's a nominee for most lopsided game of the year.

On Monday, the Hall High School (Ark.) women's basketball team defeated the Little Rock-Fair High School women by a tally of 88-0. No, that isn't a misprint. The Fair High ladies failed to score a single point during the blowout loss.

Before folks start throwing their arms in the air in protest, let it be known that Hall head coach Selita Farr reportedly pulled her starters just four minutes into the fourth quarter. The Lady Warriors also didn't play any pressure defense that may have aided in the imbalanced outcome.

"It's exciting, but it was just another game," said Farr. "It wasn't planned...they just did what they were supposed to do."

Some would argue that the game should have been called early. What do you think?

Via Off the Bench.

Video: Three Spurs star in local supermarket commercial

Comedy isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs, led by head coach Gregg Popovich, seem to be about as serious on the basketball floor as a team can possibly be. However, that didn't stop them from having a little fun off of it as Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, and Tim Duncan recently starred in this commercial for a Texas supermarket chain.

In the video, Parker is apparently hosting an exclusive cookout that neither Ginobli and Duncan are allowed into. Popovich and the team's mascot, Coyote, manage to weasel their way in somehow though.

If only the Spurs were this much fun during games...

Via Total Pro Sports.

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Former Duke basketball player is now world's tallest pastry shop owner

Former Duke Blue Devils center Brian Zoubek has traded in the hardwood for something much sweeter these days, cream puffs.

The 7-foot-1 Zoubek became the world's tallest pastry shop owner when he opened Dream PUFFZ back in July. His store is located about 10 miles east of Philadelphia in his hometown of Haddonfield, New Jersey.

The hands-on founder and owner is at Dream PUFFZ daily from 8 AM to 7 PM while overseeing all aspects of his shop, including the menu and kitchen, he has hired and trained five full-time employees.

"As an entrepreneur and a small business owner, you've got like 20 jobs," he said. "I'm doing a little bit of everything."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photo: Nike, Kevin Durant team up to unveil glow in the dark shoes

Have you wondered what it might be like to play a pick-up basketball game in the pitch black? Well, thanks to Nike's newest shoe creation you may be able to do just that.

Behold, the latest kicks of NBA superstar Kevin Durant. They glow in the dark and are expected to command a $150 price tag. They aren't slated to hit retail stores until December 8th, but those who can't wait can buy them through the NikeiD store anytime before then.

Sorry, LA Gear. All previous light-up shoes are now obsolete.

Video: Boxer disqualified after slugging referee

Isn't boxing just great? The latest empirical evidence stems from a bout pitting Croatian amateur boxer Kristen Radan (blue attire) up against Slovenian Blaz Sedej (red attire). Apparently, Radan was in the mindset of swinging at anyone and everyone during the match and that included the ring official.

His lack of judgement ultimately cost him in the end as the bruised and battered referee disqualified Radan for the untimely punch. Perhaps next time the Croatian will show a little respect to the man in the classy bow tie.

Via The Big Lead.

Video: Colts cheerleader to shave head in support of cancer research?

Another feel-good story is coming out of Indianapolis on Wednesday as Colts cheerleader Megan M. has entered a pledge to shave her hair if the team can raise $10,000 or more by November 25th. All money raised will go toward benefiting leukemia research under the Chuckstrong charity.

The Colts organization has rallied around head coach Chuck Pagano, who has been off the sidelines undergoing cancer treatment for much of the season. Megan's decision is just another in a long-line of inspiring gestures made in support of the coach. If the money is raised, Megan is slated to have her beautiful brown locks cut off during the Bills-Colts game.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Video: John Calipari calls Duke a bunch of floppers

On Tuesday, the Kentucky Wildcats and Duke Blue Devils restored their heated rivalry on the hardwood. Neither program cares for the other very much so it made must-see television. The halftime interview alone was worth tuning in.

During an interview with ESPN's Andy Katz, UK head man John Calipari accused the Blue Devils players of "flopping", an act that is scorned upon heavily in the professional ranks. Calipari's frustrations were pretty obvious as he sounded off to Katz:

"Post defense is hurting us, and then some threes," Calipari began. "But for us to be in this situation, I'm going to be honest, I'm happy. We got in a little bit of foul trouble but not much."

"We're still...We've got...they're flopping all over the place. In the NBA, they'd all be suspended," he added in disgust.

Video: Belgian basketball player misses four straight times on own goal

Could the play depicted in the video above be the worst individual basketball play of all-time? I will let you decide.

Seen here is a Belgian basketball player missing four straight attempts at a wide-open lay-up. And just when you think the misses are bad enough, you may notice that he tries to score in his very own basket as well. Doh!

So, the irony here is that it's actually a good thing that he didn't sink one of those shots. It would have made the situation that much worse. But on the bright side, he is well on his way to tallying double-digits in the rebounding category.

Via Deadspin.

Video: Kansas City Chiefs touchdown celebration fail

The Chiefs Celebrated A Touchdown That Was Not A Touchdown: Chiefs-Steelers, In Two GIFs
This GIF symbolizes the enigma that is Kansas City Chiefs football. More from Deadspin:

So the refs screwed up, gave the Chiefs a touchdown they shouldn't have gotten, thus providing the opportunity to excessively celebrate and earn a 15-yard penalty, only to have review determine that it was not in fact a fumble and therefore not a touchdown. As a result of the incomplete pass, the Steelers were awarded a first down. Because of the unsportsmanlike conduct of excessively celebrating a touchdown that did not technically happen.

To make matters worse, the Chiefs ultimately lost the game in overtime in heart-breaking fashion. Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel threw an interception in extra time that was returned all the way down to the five-yard line. The Steelers subsequently kicked a game-winning field goal and the rest is history. Final score: PIT 16, KC 13.
Kansas City fell to a league-worst 1-8 on the campaign while the Steelers improved to 6-3.

Photo: Mario Balotelli decks out Bentley in camouflage

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has a knack for flair, and the ability to consistently grab headlines in Europe. His latest news-worthy story has to do with wrapping his Bentley Continental GT in camouflage vinyl, as you can see in the photo above. And he is apparently quite proud of it.

Carolina Panther transforms into crazy alter ego on gamedays

Getting in the zone on gamedays is something all NFL players are faced with. Some prefer energy drinks to get them amped up, others use music, and one member of the Carolina Panthers even uses his alter ego to channel a giant sea monster he calls "Kraken".

Every gameday, defensive end Greg Hardy paints his face black, slips in black or white-colored contact lenses, and applies a piece of tape with the name "Kraken" over "Hardy" on the back of his jersey for pre-game warmups.

"The Kraken is a giant monster that just demolishes everything that moves," Hardy told the Charlotte Observer last year. "On Wednesday or Thursday, I go down in my subconscious. I find him, and I unlock the cage. About Saturday he usually comes out. Then he's always out on Sunday. I don't control him then. What he does when I'm not there, I don't know."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Video: Mike Wallace corrals touchdown pass between his legs

Who says you need good hands to be an elite receiver in the National Football League? Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace definitely disproved this logic on Monday when he hauled in a 7-yard touchdown pass between his legs during Pittsburgh's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The slippery rain no doubt had something to do with the miraculous catch, but so did luck. All in all, it's still worth six points and that's all that matters to Ben Roethlisberger and the host Steelers.

Via The Big Lead.

Video: Cameraman gets trucked by two prep football players

Is there any job more hazardous than the one performed by a sideline cameraman at a football game? Empirical evidence suggests not.

Watch as this unsuspecting guy gets pancaked by two Oklahoma prep players yet still has the presence of mind to never let the video equipment touch the ground. Talk about a commitment to one's well-being of their stuff.

The brutal hit occurred during last weekend's playoff game between Edmond North High and Edmond Memorial High. The play was set up by an errant throw just out of the reach of a North receiver and sent him and a Memorial defender crashing into the nearby cameraman.

Fortunately, all three walked away from the collision uninjured and unharmed. The only thing more impressive than the fact that this guy didn't allow a single scratch to his video camera is the fact that he absorbed two bruising hits from teenagers in full pads and still managed to pop up like a boss.

I nominate him for sports media person of the year.

Via Prep Rally.

Video: One-legged man detained after interrupting Brazilian soccer match

During a recent Brazilian soccer match between Corinthians and Coritilba, a one-legged man attempted to make his way onto the field of play. Unfortunately for him, he didn't get too far as he was unable to elude stadium security in the process. The man was then handcuffed and detained for causing a disruption to the game.

Corinthians won in a lopsided outcome, 5-1, by the way.

Via Total Pro Sports.

Play flag football with Tiki Barber for a couple grand

Times are tough right now. The economy is in the tank, winter is drawing near, and former NFL running back Tiki Barber is apparently in need of some cash. From Urban Daddy:

You’re getting Tiki Barber for an afternoon of flag football. Simply tell him your preferred when-and-where, and he’ll be on your team. Or the other team, if you feel like a challenge...

Yeah, that Tiki Barber—you may remember him from his 10 illustrious seasons with the New York Giants, his expert commentary during the 2008 Beijing Olympics or his frequent judging sessions on Iron Chef America.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quarterback breaks national high school record for yards and touchdowns in a single game

On Friday, Davidson Day High School (N.C.) raced past Harrells Christian High School by a tally of 104-80 to set a new North Carolina state high school record for total points scored in a playoff game. But that's not even the craziest part of this game. Davidson High junior quarterback Will Grier lit up the stat sheet by tossing 10 touchdown passes on the strength of 837 passing yards, both of which set new national high school records. Yes, a remarkable individual performance indeed.

From NBC Sports:

Video: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist loses sneaker, scores anyway

Charlotte Bobcats rookie Michael Kidd-Gilchrist helped guide his team to a 101-97 OT victory over the visiting Dallas Mavericks on Saturday. He scored a career-high 25 points in the process, two of which came on a coast-to-coast drive where he managed to score a basket with only one sneaker on while getting fouled!

Watch as the University of Kentucky product grabs the rebound and goes end-to-end for the impressive yet almost shoeless bucket.

Don't look now but the Bobcats are on pace to win about 33 games this season. That's huge considering they emerged victorious in only seven contests all of last year.

Photo: Gio Gonzalez wears custom shirt that says 'Living the Dream'

This is Washington Nationals starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez showing off a custom t-shirt given to him by his brother. Gonzalez uploaded the image to Instagram on Tuesday and is apparently extremely happy how life is going for him right now. Well, if I had raked in $3.25 million in base salary like he did last year, I would probably be "Living the Dream" as well.

Kudos to the All-Star southpaw for living life to the fullest!

Via Off the Bench.

Photo: NFL players to wear special gloves by Nike in honor of Veterans Day


Nike has partnered up with the NFL to honor those brave men and women who have ever served in America's military with these "Salute to Service" gloves. Players around the league will be wearing them today in Week 10 in honor of Veterans Day.

Not only do these sleek gloves look visually-appeasing to the eye, but they look like they can actually be useful in helping players get a grip as well.

Via @FalconsEquip.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Video: Gators narrowly avoid upset with unlikely blocked punt for touchdown

The No. 6 Florida Gators averted monumental disaster at home thanks largely in part to this improbable blocked punt for a touchdown with just two seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. The Gators scored 14 points in less than two minutes of game clock to pull out the win over the upset-minded Louisiana Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns, 27-20. Do you hear that? That's the sound of Gator Country exhaling after laboring through the epic comeback.

May the football Gods be with you. They certainly were for Florida on Saturday.

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Photo: Rocker sports shirt in support of ineligible UCLA freshman Shabazz Muhammad

The "Free Shabazz" movement is in full swing at UCLA after Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea donned a shirt in support of the embattled Bruins freshman before Friday's game.

Here's an excerpt from The Dagger detailing the scene:

Flea walked onto the court at Pauley Pavilion on Friday night to sing the national anthem clad in a baby blue shirt with the words "Free Shabazz Muhammad" written on it in black marker. The shirt, of course, was in reference to the NCAA's decision to declare the highly touted UCLA freshman indefinitely ineligible earlier in the evening as a result of extra benefits he accepted during his recruitment.

Many UCLA students at the game also wore shirts with his likeness on the front as a show of support. The student section even broke out a "Free Shabazz" chant during the second half of the blowout victory against visiting Indiana State.

Video: Tommy Tuberville slaps assistant coach during game


The Texas Tech Red Raiders are currently involved in a tight one against the Kansas Jayhawks. Emotions are definitely running high as evidenced by Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville as he "disciplined" an assistant coach by knocking off his hat and head set after a less than acceptable play. Easy coach, easy.

Via The Big Lead.

Video: UFC fight ends with knockout within five seconds

If you blinked during the beginning of the UFC main event on FuelTV 6 last night than you may have missed the fight. No, I'm not kidding either.
Cung Le ended the contest early after delivering a clean blow to Rich Franklin shortly into the bout. Sweet dreams.
Via SportsGrid.

Video: Denver's Andre Miller rejects Utah's Derrick Favors

It's not everyday you see a 6-foot-2 point guard block the shot of a 6-foot-10 forward, yet today is one of those days.

Watch as Denver's Andre Miller denies Utah's Derrick Favors of an easy bucket during the second quarter of their game on Friday. Not only did Miller reject a player eight inches taller than him, but he swatted a guy nearly half his age. Miller is 34-years old. Favors is just 21.

Score another victory for the older guys. Experience rules.

Via The Hoops Scene.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nets' Deron Williams saw a UFO during Sandy

This just in. Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams claims to have seen a UFO over New York City during superstorm Sandy. That's right. A real life UFO.

Here's the snippet from his interview with GQ Magazine in which Williams explains:

Video: Patriots receiver jumps over speeding car

Here's a video clip that will make fantasy football owners of New England Patriots receiver Brandon Lloyd cringe.

Watch as Lloyd jumps over a speeding car driven by MobiSquad CEO and Founder Nate Reis. Not to worry guys, Lloyd escaped the feat uninjured and unharmed. Does it top Kobe Bryant's jump from four years back though?

For all of the gullible folks out there, the video is fake. But it hasn't stopped teenagers from trying to do the real thing. A Florida teen suffered serious injuries while attempting the act about two weeks ago. So, it's a little surprising that companies continue to churn out videos that portray the feat as possible.

Nevertheless, it's still mildly entertaining just as long as you remember that it's not real.

Via Total Pro Sports.

Photo: Mike Brown hits up local Chick-fil-A hours after being fired

How does one cope with the fact that he has just been fired from his head coaching job? By grabbing a chicken sandwich at the local Chick-fil-A, of course.

Seen here is Mike Brown just a few hours after news broke that he had been fired as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. He was gracious enough to take time out of his day to pose with an eager fan yet made no mention of the firing, according to sources. TMZ also pointed out the fact that Brown put his phone conversation with LA sports writer Jim Hill on hold in order to snap the now infamous photo. I wonder what was being said during that convo?

It seems as if Brown is taking the news pretty well though. He released the following statement after getting word of his dismissal, "I have great respect for the Buss family and the Lakers’ storied tradition and I thank them for the opportunity they afforded me."

Mike Brown's son receives death threats via Twitter after Lakers' poor start


Here is yet another example of how some folks take the performance of their favorite team way too seriously.

According to the OC Register, the son of Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown has been receiving death threats on Twitter because of the Lakers' 1-4 start. How pathetic is that?

“That’s the tough part about this business. To go after somebody’s family or something like that is, in my opinion, just ridiculous," said Brown. "It’s stupid, crazy, whatever you want to call it. They (family members) have nothing to do with what’s going on right now.”

The wife of Lakers guard Steve Blake, Kristen, was quick to come to Brown's defense as well when she tweeted: "Leave Mike Brown's son alone. What's wrong with u people?! Stop attacking FAMILIES! How would you feel if YOUR family was treated like that?

Video: Mike Mularkey loses his cool, tosses headset in disgust

There is a lot to be unhappy about if you are the Jacksonville Jaguars. And that was evident during Jacksonville's Thursday night game against the Indianapolis Colts.

With the Jaguars trailing 10-0 midway through the second quarter, head coach Mike Mularkey throws a mini temper tantrum after Colts quarterback Andrew Luck punches in a 1-yard touchdown to push the deficit for Mularkey and crew to 17. Mularkey was upset because he thought the ball came loose before Luck crossed the goal line. The officials didn't concur and awarded Indy the touchdown instead.

Watch as the heated coach spikes his headset and play card directly into the ground to express his discontent. His tirade ultimately led to a penalty and a loss of yards for his team, thus further complicating matters.

The Jags went on to lose the game, 27-10, to drop their record to 1-8 on the year.

Via The Big Lead.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ndamukong Suh named NFL's dirtiest player

Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh was voted the NFL's dirtiest player for the second consecutive year by a Sporting News player poll. The poll consisted of 103 players from 27 teams around the league.

Suh was named on 32 of 103 ballots, which is actually a bit lower than he garnered in 2011 (31.1% to 32.4%). However, he still drew the ire of 13 more voters than the player who finished second, Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito (19).

St. Louis Rams defensive back Cortland Finnegan (14), Pittsburgh Steelers lineback James Harrison (6), and Tennessee Titans offensive lineman David Stewart (3) rounded out the top five.

There were 14 other players who also received votes.

A word to the wise: avoid getting trapped in a dark alley with one of these guys at all costs.

Via USA Today.

Photo: Milwaukee-based company launches bed in honor of Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers Cheesehead bed

Behold the greatest sleep product a Green Bay Packers fan could ever dream of, the "Cheesehead Bed". It features golden sheets that also mimicks a...wait for it...block of cheese.

Milwaukee-based Verlo Mattress Factory, aka the "Official Mattress of the Green Bay Packers", describes the customized bed as a fan experience that combines a good night's sleep with championship football, perfect for the die-hard fans of the Green Bay Packers.

“We felt it would be fun to show our team spirit and create a mattress that is bound to bring a smile to Packers fans — as well as a good night’s sleep,” Scott Baitinger, chief marketing officer at Verlo said.

For the savvy shoppers looking to score one of these at a good price, you're in luck. The company is offering the mattress at a discounted price for 24 hours following a Packers win. For example, a twin-sized Cheesehead Bed that normally sells for $799 would be reduced to $599.

Video: Wicked volleyball spike takes down defender AND spectator

This may just be the greatest spike I have ever seen. It comes courtesy of a player from Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Fort Madison, Iowa) when playing host to Winfield-Mount Union High for the right to move on to the state championship.

Watch as one of the Trinity ladies delivers a ferocious spike that nearly decapitates an opposing defender and then ricochets off the girl's head to take down an unsuspecting spectator as well. Now that's what you call efficient.

Coaches immediately run to the aid of the injured player while the kid who had just been wiped out gets up and then proceeds to run out of the gym as originally planned.

Trinity eventually won the match, 25-11, 25-16, 25-15.

Via Off the Bench.

Knicks' new alternate uniforms are extremely orange

Finally, a team that can give Syracuse a run for their money.

The uniform shown above is just a sneak peek of what the New York Knicks are planning to roll out with this winter. I'm trying to put into words what I am seeing, but I really don't think it's necessary. This image truly does speak a thousand words.

Orange you glad I didn't make a joke about them?

Via Bleacher Report.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Gosper (via Twitter).

Auburn pays security firm to keep football players from staying up late

It is amazing how far and fast the Auburn Tigers football squad has fallen. Just one and a half years removed from winning a national title, the Tigers find themselves staring at the reality of a 2-7 record. Part of the reason for their lackluster performance this season may be due to a stringent curfew.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, head coach Gene Chizik has implemented an 11:00 PM curfew for players every night of the week, and even went as far as hiring a private security firm to enforce it.

Curfews are a common practice on the evenings before games but Auburn instituted a nightly curfew, a far more rare practice, and the use of paid personnel from a private security firm to assist in enforcing a curfew may be unprecedented.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Joakim Noah tries to win Big Macs for Bulls home crowd

Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah hasn't always been a fan favorite. His effervescent personality often rubs people the wrong way, but you can't fault him for trying to win over the United Center home crowd on Tuesday.

Apparently, the Bulls have a promotion through which fans can receive a free Big Mac if they score 100 or more points in a home win. Noah obviously has knowledge of this fact.

So, with the Bulls leading the Orlando Magic late in the fourth quarter, Noah uncorked an uncharacteristic 3-pointer with approximately 3.8 seconds left in the game in an attempt to do just that. Unfortuantely, he missed, and Chicago came up one point shy of eclipsing 100. Final score: Chicago 99, Orlando 93.

Video: Dirk Nowitzki singing 'Born in the USA'

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki is really talented at basketball. What he is not talented at, however, is the art of song.

Seen here is the former NBA Finals MVP belting a noble rendition of "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen.

I believe the video clip speaks for itself, and I also believe Dirk won't be quitting his day job anytime soon either. Props to the German native for giving it the old college try anyway.

Via The Big Lead.