Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Video: Florida teen punts a ball 96 yards!

They say seeing is believing, and you have to see the video above to believe it.

The National Football League might be in the future for Lake Wales (Fla.) High punter Tate Mathewson. That's because the young man booted a...wait for it...96-yard punt during a recent game against Winter Haven High.

Check it out as Mathewson overcomes a bad snap to rip a kick from his own 2-yard line all the way down the field and out of bounds to the other 2-yard line. Incredible, isn't it?

To be fair, a lot of things went right here. First off, the ball traveled more than 60 yards in the air by itself, which was out of the reach for the Winter Haven return man. Secondly, a strong wind and a fortuitous bounce sent the pigskin spiraling (end-over-end) into the land of epic punts.

Despite the massive switch in field position, Lake Wales lost the game by a tally of 27-14. But the punt by Mathewson lives on in internet fame.

Via Prep Rally.

The Rock dresses up as The Hulk for Halloween

I'm not sure why former wrestler and actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson didn't play the part of The Hulk in the Marvel films, because he sure looks spot on in this photo.
Johnson tweeted out this image on Halloween along with a caption that read: "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Philadelphia 76ers unveil massive shirt launcher

Good news for anyone sitting in the upper deck of Philadelphia 76ers home games this season. The team has rolled out this ginormous t-shirt launcher, "Big Bella", to disperse free shirts to the masses.
The weapon of mass destruction is said to be able to shoot 100 shirts per minute.
Bottom line: keep your head on a swivel during timeouts.
Via Deadspin.

A pitching lesson with R.A. Dickey is being auctioned off for charity

Would you like a chance to receive a 30-minute pitching lesson, four tickets to a game, and watch batting practice from the field, all courtesy of New York Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey? If you answered yes and have several thousand dollars to spare, you are in luck!

A group called charitybuzz is auctioning off a package which includes all the wonderful things listed above with all the proceeds set to go to Hope Shines for Shannon. The current bid stands at $7,000 (not including the $9.95 for shipping and handling or tax).

Here is the full disclosure on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photo: Angel Pagan cashes in on free taco at Taco Bell

The fine folks at Taco Bell pledged to serve up a free taco nationwide if any player successfully stole a base during the World Series. Luckily for America, San Francisco Giants outfielder Angel Pagan answered the call when he swiped one during the eighth inning of Game Two.

Pagan made sure to claim his when he attended a Bay City area Taco Bell restaurant on Tuesday. What better way to celebrate a world championship than chowing down on some free Mexican cuisine?

Via Deadspin.

Video: Teammates collide face-to-face after failed header attempt

Saturday was a rough day for Dundee's Kyle Benedictus and Declan Gallagher. Not only did their team drop a 2-0 match to Aberdeen in a Scottish Premier League game, but the two also gave each other a considerable amount of pain and embarrassment.

During the match, both players attempted to head a ball that popped off the foot of an Aberdeen player, but ended up smashing into each other's faces instead.

Via Dirty Tackle.

Video: David Stern mixes up Hurricane Sandy with Katrina

NBA commissioner David Stern made a monumental mistake while addressing the crowd at AmericanAirlines Arena prior to the Miami Heat game on Tuesday. Stern, who recently announced his plans to step down in 2014, sent his best wishes for those suffering from the wrath of "Hurricane Katrina". Oops. I'm guessing what he was referring to there was the hurricane crippling the East Coast at the moment: Hurricane Sandy.

Here is Stern's full quote:

"Before we begin, I know that everyone here and around America watching has in their thoughts and in their abiding concerns those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. That said, we have a celebration tonight."
The slip-up is just another example for Stern's pundits as to why the seasoned veteran should opt to retire now rather than later.

Photo: Demaryius Thomas dresses as replacement referee for Halloween

Photos of athletes dressing up in Halloween costumes have been hitting the internet harder than Google searches this week. For your viewing pleasure, here is at least one more.

Seen here is Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas posing in a replacement referee costume for Halloween. The photo was believed to be posted to Thomas' Twitter account, but it has since been removed. Luckily, Peter Burns of Mile High Sports had the presence of mind of saving the image to his computer so that the rest of the world could see. Thanks, Pete!

Via Off the Bench.

Photo: Ludacris dresses as Anthony Davis for Halloween

Guess who rapper Ludacris decided to dress up as in honor of Halloween this year? The correct answer to that question would be New Orleans Hornets rookie and overall number one draft pick Anthony Davis. Who else in the sporting world rocks a more distinct unibrow than the one sported by Ludacris?
The resemblance is uncanny. However, Davis holds about a 14-inch edge in the height department.
Via Yahoo. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Video: CFL player shoved out of bounds into propane heater

The heat was on for Calgary Stampeders wide receiver Maurice Price last Friday night, quite literally. That's because the 27-year old was shoved out of bounds after making a catch during a Canadian Football League game and went headfirst into a sideline propane heater. That's right. I said a propane-fueled heater that can churn out up to 35,000 smoking-hot BTU.

"I didn't really feel the heat," Price told The Calgary Sun. "I blacked out for a second and when I came to, they said I was stuck under the heater, but I'm all right."

"Some people said I went in it," he added. "Others say I went under it. I don't know because I don't want to see it."

Despite the incident, the receiver had a career night after racking up 104 yards off four catches. His team also won the game, 41-21, over the BC Lions to improve their record to 11-6 on the year.

Hey, perhaps Price should make it a habit to stumble into dangerous sideline stuff more often.

Via USA Today.

Photo: Felix Hernandez dresses up as pilot from Top Gun

Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez, aka "King Felix", is unarguably one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball. I mean, the 26-year old did throw the first perfect game in Mariners history (and only the 23rd in MLB history) this past season. So, it is only natural that he dressed up as a pilot from the 1986 classic Top Gun in the spirit of Halloween over the weekend. And if anyone deserve to don the aviator costumer, it is King Felix.

Hernandez is pictured here with his wife, Sandra, who appears to have strayed from the Top Gun theme in favor of a classy bunny.

Via Twitter.

Photo: Texas Tech to wear patriotic uniforms this weekend

Pride and patriotism will be the theme for the Texas Tech Red Raiders this weekend when they take on instate rival Texas Longhorns.

Under Armour designed the new uniforms (shown in the photo above) with "Lonestar Pride" in mind. I know this because the pants read "LONE STAR" down the side of them.

Their fancy new apparel is an obvious attempt at trying to make a statement against their counterparts from Austin. I'm not sure these will accomplish that, but they will get a chance to make their case on the field on Saturday.

Via The Big Lead.

Video: Ball boy draws red card on opposing goalkeeper with flop


We all know that soccer players have a knack for the overdramatic, but what about the ball boys as well?

This one in particular helped his team draw a red card on visiting goalkeeper Gaston Sessa of Boca Unidos during a recent Argentine League Match. Sessa was upset when two balls came on to the field for his goal kick, so he ripped one back in the direction of the ball boy.

After about a 10-second delay, the ball boy's acting instincts kick into gear (no pun intended) as he hits the ground and grabs his head in pain. Sessa was subsequently ejected from the match after receiving a red card for his unsportsmanlike actions.

Well done, ball boy. You may just be your team's best player.

Via The Big Lead.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Video: Prep football player front flips over defender

Here is a little piece of awesome for you.

At a recent high school scrimmage, this video footage was taken which captures one acrobatic ball carrier executing a front flip over one of his defensive teammates. Not only does the guy stick the landing, but he manages to keep his momentum and keep going on down the field as well.

The play is so unbelievable that it has some questioning whether or not it was fake. What do you think?

Via Total Pro Sports.

Video: Will Muschamp goes berserk

Will Muschamp
The Florida Gators may have got upset by the Georgia Bulldogs (17-9) on Saturday, but I'm not sure what could have warranted this kind of irate reaction from Florida head coach Will Muschamp.
This may be the scariest image seen all year in college football...and just in time for Halloween. 
Credit to SB Nation for the GIF.

Video: Vick Ballard scores game-winning corkscrew touchdown

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to launch yourself from the 5-yard line and extend and torque your body in such a way that you narrowly land inside the pylon for a game-winning touchdown?

Yeah, here's what that would look like. And it helped the Colts win in overtime over the Tennessee Titans, 19-13.

Watch as Indianapolis Colts running back Vick Ballard punches the ball in for the game's decisive score using a ridiculous corkscrew method to do so.

Via Bleacher Report.

Video: DeAngelo Hall ejected from game

Deangelo Hall cursing at the refs 10-28-12

Here is a prime example of why not all athletes should be viewed as role models.

Seen here is Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall getting ejected from Washington's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Hall was hit for an unsportsmanlike penalty for removing his helmet just just prior to getting the boot.

Further adding injury to insult was the fact that the Redskins lost game, 27-12.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Video: Lee Corso fires gun, scares Kirk Herbstreit

Good times were had on ESPN's College Gameday this Saturday morning.

Seen here is analyst Lee Corso firing a gun after picking the Oklahoma Sooners to win, and that apparently scares the living daylight out of colleague Kirk Herbstreit.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Video: Michael Phelps crowd surfing fail

Michael Phelps is an excellent swimmer, but the same cannot be said for his crowd surfing abilities.
The 22-time Olympic medalist recently gave it a try while visiting XS nightclub in Las Vegas on Monday, and it didn't end well for him.

After having to be nearly forced into an inflatable raft, Phelps makes it about three feet before falling backwards onto the floor.

Hey, you can't be good at everything!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tim Tebow voted most overrated player in NFL

Sports Illustrated recently polled 180 NFL players to ask them who they thought were some of the most overrated players in the league. New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was the unanimous choice after tallying over four times as many votes as the next-closest player.

No real surprises here other than the fact that Baltimore Ravens linebacker and future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis cracked the top five.

A total of 48 different players received at least one vote, 15 of which are quarterbacks.

Players must think pretty highly of the overall kicking game league-wide because no kickers or punters garnered a nod.

Via Bleacher Report.

Photo: Someone built new Seattle arena out of butter

The city of Seattle is currently trying to lure an NBA franchise back to King County. One of the ways with which they are trying to do that is by constructing a brand new arena. Well, the fine folks at Seattle-based company Darigold did their part in helping by commissioning butter sculptor Linda Christensen to create a rendering of what they envision the new venue might look like.

The tasty sculpture is made from a 110-pound block of butter and took Christensen more than 15 hours to complete. I can only imagine the amount of drooling that might take place if Paula Dean catches wind of this.

"Of course, we don’t know what the actual arena will eventually look like or where it might be,” confessed Seth Godwin, senior product manager for Darigold.

The truth is that no one knows what the new Sodo arena is going to look like, but color me as one who favors the "Butterdome".
Via Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Video: Tim McCarver confuses Barry Bonds with Barry Manilow

San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito has been pitching pretty well in the postseason. So well in fact that fans are taking notice despite a rough go of it for him in recent seasons. They let their feelings be shown with a good round of "Barry!" chants during Wednesday's Game One of the World Series at AT&T Park.

The crowd was reacting to a run-scoring single by Zito in the bottom of the fourth. FOX commentator Tim McCarver made a statement that it was a sound Zito hadn't heard much of around these parts lately. After a brief pause, broadcast partner Joe Buck then added this little reference:

"They used to say it for somebody else around here," Buck said.

The person who he was referring to was none other than baseball's all-time home run king, Barry Bonds. However, McCarver either didn't catch that or is pulling the leg of everyone watching the game on Fox.

Video: Angel Pagan doubles off third base bag

The San Francisco Giants look like a team destined to win the World Series. They are getting all the right bounces right now and this was further evidenced by a double hit by Angel Pagan during Game One Wednesday night.

With two outs and nobody on in the bottom of the third, Pagan smacks what appears to be a routine chopper down the third-base line. As fate would have it, the baseball takes a fortuitous bounce off the bag and rolls into left field which allows Pagan to stroll into second base with a stand-up double.

The reaction by Detroit Tigers third basemen Miguel Cabrera at the end of the video clip is priceless.

San Francisco went on to win the game easily, 8-3, to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pablo Sandoval makes World Series history

On Wednesday night, San Francisco Giants slugger Pablo Sandoval became the first player in MLB history to hit home runs in his first three plate appearances of a World Series game. Furthermore, he joins the likes of Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Albert Pujols as others who have smacked a trio of homers in a single World Series affair.

The Giants currently have a commanding 8-1 lead over the visiting Detroit Tigers in Game One.

Video: Grigor Dimitrov goes behind the back for epic tennis shot


Grigor Dimitrov would like to throw his name into consideration for tennis shot of the year after dropping a beauty during Tuesday's first-round match against Viktor Troicki in the Swiss Indoors Tournament.

We have all seen our fair share of tennis stars dropping a shot between their legs, but Dimitrov went above and beyond with this incredible behind-the-back display. And he knows it too as evidenced by his reaction after the play. But the reaction of his opponent may be even better!

The Bulgarian native won not only the point, but the game as well, in straight sets (6-3, 6-2).

Via Bleacher Report.

Photo: Embarrassing photo of Robert Griffin's past surfaces

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is currently viewed as the greatest thing since sliced bread around the National Football League. But that doesn't mean we can't uncover an embarrassing photo from the rookie quarterback's past!

Seen here is an 18-year old RGIII during his freshman year on team photo day at Baylor. Needless to say, it's a different look than the one he sports today. He gave his reasoning for the untamed shot during an interview with Chris Strauss of USA Today:

"Don't ever take a shower and take your hair out before team photos," Griffin said.

Although probably feeling a little humbled, Griffin was still a good sport about it.

Photo: Steelers to wear hideous uniforms this weekend

This is what the Pittsburgh Steelers will be wearing when they play host to the Washington Redskins on Sunday. The uniforms are throwbacks from the 1934 season, and remind us all of just how far sports apparel design has come since then. Even bumble bees cringe at the very sight of these.

Photo: Saints fan poses with Roger Goodell while wearing "Free Sean Payton" shirt

A New Orleans Saints fan, who posts as "2009ring" on, recently managed to pull off this photo of him and NFL commisioner Roger Goodell. What makes this pic so intriguing is the "Free Sean Payton" shirt the clever fan was wearing at the time of the shot. Why is that relevant? Well, the man responsible for putting Payton on the sidelines is none other than Goodell, who issued a one-year suspension to the Saints head coach as a result of the league's investigation in a bounty program.

How did it happen? 2009ring was chosen to be one of the participants in the "SiriusXM Town Hall" event in New York on Monday, and took full advantage of his opportunity.

Here is his account of the now infamous photo op:

Nicki Minaj disses Mario Balotelli in favor of chicken


Manchester City star Mario Balotelli attended a concert by rapper Nicki Minaj on Monday night at the MEN Arena. He also had full intentions to meet up with Minaj after the show, but was reportedly stood up on account of tiredness and chicken.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Mario was gutted. He’s a big fan and turned up with gifts along with his other Man City team-mates.

But Nicki was too tired after the gig and feasted on a massive Nando’s order instead — so he went home disappointed. He’d even bought a camera especially."

That's right. Balotelli had even gone through the trouble of setting up a meeting with the rap star prior to the gig. However, the 21-year old footballer was dissed in favor of tasty poultry instead.

Video: Prep team executes backwards-bounce-pass for long touchdown

Image for MaxPreps Video.

This was the play unleashed by Westminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) offensive coordinator Jimmy Robertson last Friday in their game against Coral Springs Charter. The team had practiced the play all summer long and was just looking for the perfect opportunity to bust it out. That moment came on the first play from scrimmage on Senior Night.

Running back Spencer Saliba takes the snap from the shotgun and proceeds to throw a backwards pass that skips off the ground to quarterback Ray Sharp, who had lined up as a receiver on the outside.

Sharp corralled the pigskin and then chucked a bomb down the field to wide open receiver Andrew James for an incredible 80-yard score.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mizzou football employee uses corporate card for huge bill at strip club

It has been said that no money is easier to spend than money that isn't yours. Just ask Michael Schumacher, who is the director of video operations for the University of Missouri football team. Schumacher recently used a university credit card to drop $7,605.50 in a single night at Olympic Garden, a strip club located on the strip in Las Vegas.

Part of the bill included a rather generous tip of $2,000. I'm not sure what kind of service(s) was provided to warrant such a hefty sum, but I'll leave that up to your imagination.

The frivolous spending took place while Schumacher was representing the school at a conference. He was there alone, so the $7,600 tab was all him, but he has since repaid the university in full for his Vegas exploits. No harm, no foul, right?

I guess what happens in Vegas really doesn't stay stay in Vegas after all.

Via Deadspin.

Video: Nike unveils new Kevin Durant kicks

Nike released this video featuring KD V, the company's fifth signature shoe in honor of Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, on Tuesday.

Check out the back story as Durant explains what the number five means to him.

Here's an excerpt of the design inspiration, according to the press release from Nike:
“With a refined design aesthetic matching Durant’s smooth and fluid style of play, the KD V integrates four leading technologies: 1) a Nike Zoom unit in the forefoot, 2) Nike Air unit in the heel 3) unibody Hyperfuse upper construction for superior fit 4) external heel counter to allow the foot to move while still providing support.

Tickets for Brooklyn Nets opener going for sky high prices

How much would you pay to be in attendance for the first ever Brooklyn Nets game at the brand new Barclays Center?

According to the New York Post, tickets for the game against the crosstown rival New York Knicks are going for an average of $800.87 per seat on StubHub and other secondary-market sites. That makes the sold-out contest on November 1st the hottest ticket for a sporting event since the Yankees won the World Series in 2009, says Chris Matcovich of TipIQ, which tracks ticket prices on the secondary-market.

“You definitely have a lot of people who want to be among the first to see this new arena — and the fact that it’s the Knicks is also driving up the price,” Matcovich said.

High school football game forced to move after goats invade field

This is either one of the greatest senior pranks of all-time or a hilarious mishap on the part of Burns High School in Lawndale (NC).

Their recent football game had to be moved to another school after goats invaded the field and left so much of a mess that it wasn't suitable for play. At first the incident was alleged to be a prank by students on Senior Night, but a commentator told the local newspaper site ( that the goats had escaped their on-campus pen on their own. Do I smell a conspiracy?

Here's a quick excerpt from the online article:

"School personnel said that 10-to-12 goats had been released in the stadium overnight and caused enough of a mess in the area near the fieldhouse – and given the current E. coli cases attached to the county – meant the game had to move to another venue as a health precaution."

Video: J.J. Watt says he has eaten burritos bigger than Ray Rice

Television networks have mic'd up players for years, but hardly does it ever lead to anything entertaining. Sunday was the exception when Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt declared that he had eaten burritos bigger than Baltimore Ravens tailback Ray Rice.

Okay, so his official words following a light shove from Rice was "You gotta go do that now? Alright. I've eaten burritos bigger than you."

I would love to feast my eyes on that aforementioned burrito.

The exchange was nothing more than a little friendly trash talk between competitors as the Texans won the game handily by a score of 43-13. However, it was still better than what we usually get out of them on microphone.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Video: UNC defender delivers apparent cheap shot on defenseless Duke player

Toss North Carolina linebacker Shakeel Rashad's name into the hat for Bush League Play of the Week. This stems from an incident that occurred during Saturday's ACC affair between the Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils in Raleigh when Rashad looks to intentionally nail an unsuspecting Duke player in the back.

It happened during the second quarter between snaps when UNC was substituting on defense as Duke was running its hurry-up offense. Rashad rushes onto the field toward his position, but not before delivering a cheap shot on Blue Devils receiver Conner Vernon, the conference's all-time receptions leader, on the way.

Surprisingly, the officials apparently missed the whole ordeal and no flags were thrown. Instead Vernon is left to roll around on the ground in pain as medical staff run to his aid.

Video: Roy Hibbert performs Gangnam Style flash mob

How cool is this? Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, with help from some of his friends, performed a flash mob at an Indianapolis mall on Sunday afternoon. Their song of choice? None other than viral senstation "Gangnam Style" by Korean rapper Psy. Good stuff.

Video: Arizona Cardinals player destroys car for breast cancer awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and one Arizona Cardinals player is doing his part in spreading the word. And it goes way beyond just sporting some pink-clad gloves during gameday.

Seen here is Cardinals defensive end Nick Eason beating the living hell out of a car using a sledge hammer. Eason, who lost his mother to the disease in August, spray painted the words "breast cancer" with a pink "X" over top before proceeding to destroy the helpless motor vehicle.

Here is a photo of what was left after Eason was finished with it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Video: Lady in crazy outfit butchers 'God Bless America' during NLCS

Oh, there are just so many things to say about this spectacle that occurred during the middle of the seventh inning of Game Six of the NLCS. This is Misa Malone, a performer in Beach Blanket Babylon, and the person the San Francisco Giants marched out to sing "God Bless America" in front of a nationally televised audience on Sunday night.

Aside from the goofy dress and crazy monstrosity resting on her head, her rendition of the classic tune didn't go so well either. She flubs a couple of lines and even throws in a recognizable sigh before starting back up at one point too. It all adds up to one outrageous scene that is sure to be a hot topic at the water cooler on Monday.

The funny thing is that this isn't the first time the Giants have trotted out Malone for a on-field performance this season. She also had the privilege of belting out the national anthem during a game back in April.

Giants fan injured from fall at MetLife Stadium

Sad news coming from New Jersey tonight as State Police say a man has been critically injured after falling more than 20 feet from an escalator as he exited MetLife Stadium after a game between the New York Giants and Washington Redskins on Sunday.

The person has been identified as a 42-year old male. It is unclear what caused him to fall at this moment in time.

The man was airlifted to Hackensack University Hospital was was listed in critical condition Sunday night. The investigation is said to be ongoing.

A packed house of 80,000 was on hand to watch their hometown Giants edge out the Redskins, 27-23, thanks to a late scoring pass from quarterback Eli Manning.

Video: Jason Pierre-Paul celebrates sack Gangnam Style

The viral sensation known as "Gangnam Style" invaded the National Football League on Sunday. Here is some proof.
Watch as New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul celebrates a sack during the fourth quarter of New York's game against Washington on Sunday. Hey, I would be celebrating too if I had just sacked Redskins rookie phenom Robert Griffin III.

Video: Joe Morgan flips defender en route to touchdown

Seen here is New Orleans Saints receiver Joe Morgan scoring perhaps the craziest receiving touchdown we will see this week. Morgan is able to haul in the pass, evade one defender, flip another, and then take a crushing hit en route to a 48-yard score in the second quarter. Impressive.

Furthermore, his efforts helped the Saints edge out the host Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a tally of 35-28 on Sunday.

Video: New York Giants fan creates detailed replica of stadium


What do you get when you combine a passionate football fan with the free time of retirement? How about an awesome replica of old Giants Stadium? That is exactly what New Jersey resident and New York Giants fan Don Martini set out to do recently.

Martini spent over two years and nearly $20,000 building a 20-foot-by-17-foot model of the historic venue, and the result is marvelous. Although his wife, Janice, says 'people think he's nuts', his attention to detail is second to none. And the mini stadium isn't the only cool creation around the Martini residence, check out his other works in the video clip above, via the Newark Star-Ledger.

Video: Columbus Blue Jackets go Gangnam Style

The NHL continues to be at odds with the Players Association over a new collective bargaining agreement, which means no hockey is being played right now. So, how are teams coping with all of their free time? Making Gangnam Style parodies, of course.

This one comes courtesy of the fine folks of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Watch as "Stinger", the Blue Jackets' mascot, and others do their best in making the legendary Psy proud.

Via Off the Bench.

Natalie Portman steals the show at Texas-Baylor game

Natalie Portman at Texas vs Baylor game gif 10-20-12
Natalie Portman made an appearance at the Texas Longhorns vs Baylor Bears game on Saturday night. Needless to say, the 31-year old actress stole the show.
Texas won the game, by the way, 56-50 in a shootout for the ages.

Credit to the Big Lead for the GIF.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Video: Miami fan runs onto field during live action

During the first quarter of Saturday's game pitting Florida State versus rival Miami, a fan decked out in orange-clad clothing ran onto the field during a live play. The referees determined that he had no influence on the play itself, and thus awarded the Seminoles the first down they so deserved.

Hey, at least this guy was wearing clothes.

Video: Texas Tech scores on trick play in overtime

Texas Tech edged out Texas Christian, 56-53, in an epic triple overtime thriller on Saturday night. Here's the sweet trick play that led to the Red Raiders' touchdown in the second OT. Seth Doege hooked up with Jakeem Grant for the 25-yard strike.

Video: Virginia Tech defender incercepts pass while lying on ground

Sometimes good things just happen to fall in your lap. Just ask Virginia Tech's Michael Cole who intercepted a pass thrown by Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd from the seat of his pants on Saturday. The play happened on a second-and-three situation midway through the first quarter.

Just another case for the old adage that it is better to be lucky than good.

Video: Purdue scores against Buckeyes on first play from scrimmage

The Purdue Boilermakers got off to a fast start against the host Ohio State Buckeyes at "The Horseshoe" on Saturday. Seen here is Akeem Shavers hauling in a 83-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Caleb TerBush on the game's first play from scrimmage.

The Buckeyes are looking to remain undefeated both overall (7-0) and in Big Ten play (3-0) while the Boilermakers are shooting to improve upon a 3-3 record and winless mark (0-2) in the conference.

Video: Adam Wainwright shows off dance moves in dugout


The St. Louis Cardinals had plenty to feel good about heading into Friday night's game against the San Francisco Giants, especially pitcher Adam Wainwright. After all, the right-hander helped St. Louis take a 3-1 lead in the NLCS after pitching a gem (7 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 5 K) in Thursday's 8-3 Cardinals victory. It appears as though those good feelings carried over into Game Five as the cameras caught Wainwright breaking down a few moves in the dugout during the start of the affair.

However, it was the Giants who would be dancing at the end of this one as they kept their season alive with a 5-0 win. Game Six is slated to commence Sunday evening beginning at 7:30 PM ET.

Friday, October 19, 2012

New York Post mocks Yankees, Alex Rodriguez

The New York Yankees were eliminated from postseason play after they were swept away by the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS. Anything that could wrong for the Yanks did go wrong. Lack of hitting, a broken ankle, and scouting for babes rather than playing baseball all contributed to their ultimate demise. And the New York Post added salt to the wound by running this cover on Friday, which was in reference to Alex Rodriguez's feeble pickup attempt during Game One. Cheers.

Video: Wyoming coach unleashes profane outburst

*Warning: Video clip includes profane language not suitable for children*

Wyoming head football coach Dave Christensen had some choice words for Air Force coach Troy Calhoun following the Falcons' 28-27 win last Saturday. And as you can see, Christensen certainly didn't hold anything back during his 30-second tirade that was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube on Friday.

The reaction was sparked over a play that occurred during the fourth quarter when AF quarterback Connor Dietz went down with an injury. He was looked at for several minutes by trainers before leaving the field and returning after just one play. Christensen was upset over the situation because he believed that Dietz wasn't truly injured and that the delay was more or less intended to give the Falcons extra time to set up their next play.

When asked about the postgame handshake in an interview with reporters, Calhoun described the conversation as "not a conversation I would have with my mom."

Christensen has since apologized for his behavior.

Video: Goalkeeper attacked by crazed fan during match

Chris Kirkland, goalkeeper for Sheffield Wednesday, was assaulted by an unruly fan during his team's match against rival Leeds United on Friday.

The violent attack came immediately after Kirkland conceded the equalizer to Leeds striker Michael Tonge during the 77th-minute.

The crazed fan ran onto the pitch from the away end before shoving the former Liverpool goalkeeper on his blind-side, leaving him on the ground and needing treatment.

The fan was able to escape and hop into the stands before police could detain him.

Tim Tebow now the legal owner of Tebowing

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is now officially the legal owner of the term "Tebowing". XV Enterprises, Tebow's marketing agency, filed a trademark application on Tebow's behalf earlier this year, and it was approved last week. Tebow says he doesn't plan on making any money off of his signature pose, but rather he just wanted greater control over it. Translation: if he isn't going to profit from it, neither is anyone else.

Here is the full list of what Tebow could do with his trademark, from the USPTO:

Video: Prep kicker boots 67-yard field goal to send game into overtime

Rarely do you see a field goal made over 50 yards at any level of football. But Austin Rehkow, a high school placekicker at Central Valley High in Spokane Valley (WA) recently nailed this 67-yarder in the final seconds of regulation to tie the game, and his team went on to prevail in overtime.

It marked a new state record, according to the Seattle Times, and tied him for the second longest kick in high school football history (The longest was 68 by the legendary Dirk Borgognone of Reno, Nevada in 1985).

Despite Rehkow's incredible leg strength, the senior only has one scholarship offer at the moment (Eastern Washington). I'd venture to say that could change very soon.

Washington paper will no longer refer to local team as Redskins

The Washington City Paper made an interesting announcement on Thursday regarding the local NFL team in DC. The weekly newspaper declared that from now on it will refer to the Redskins football team as the "Pigskins", citing that the name the team prefers is a pejorative term for Native Americans.

The new title was chosen with assistance of a reader poll. Pigskins is intended to be a reference to Washington's famed offensive line during the first Joe Gibbs era.

Here's a snippet from the USA Today further detailing the situation:

Though Snyder has done enough things over the years to draw the ire of the team's fans, the Paper may be the one receiving blowback on this one. The nickname Redskins is clearly a flashpoint for many Native Americans who consider it blatantly racist, and whether the team should alter the name has been a controversial point of debate in the courts of law and public opinion over the years.

Photo: Cardinals fan creates sign trolling Albert Pujols

The Los Angeles Angels entered the season as heavy favorites to not only make the playoffs, but win the World Series as well. Expectations for the St. Louis Cardinals, on the other hand, were not so lofty. Although they were coming off an improbable World Series championship run, their best player Albert Pujols decided to jump ship during the offseason and sign with LA in favor of more money. Well, Pujols and the Angels failed to even qualify for the postseason while the Cardinals are one win away from making a second straight trip to the World Series. Karma?

One fan of the Redbirds wanted to make light of this fact by creating a fashioned sign depicting Pujols watching the NLCS from the comfort of his couch. The man who hatched the idea, Marty Prather, roped a friend into making the sign in exchange for some pizza. Here's an excerpt from Big League Stew detailing the trade-off:

“Marty Prather of Springfield, Mo. (home of The Missouri State Bears) made a deal with a buddy of his: You paint some amusing signs of Albert Pujols not in the playoffs and I’ll trade you some pizzas for them (Marty owns some Dominoes franchises.) Voila! We have a fun painting of the back of Albert’s head as he sits at home in front of a TV watching the NLCS on Fox TV."

It seems there is nothing that can slow down the Cardinals franchise these days. The Detroit Tigers look to be the only thing standing in their way to back-to-back titles.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Video: Sidney Rice spikes mouthpiece after his rookie quarterback throws pick

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice wasn't all that pleased after his rookie quarterback Russell Wilson threw an interception during Thursday night's game against the 49ers in San Francisco. Rice makes that blatantly clear after the veteran removes his mouthpiece and slams it into the ground immediately following the play, which occurred during the third quarter.

No word yet on whether or not the mouthpiece is planning to press charges.

Video: Oregon's Bryan Bennett makes a mockery of Devils defense for a score

Chip Kelly's high-octane offense produces a lot of scoring. I mean a lot. So, it is only natural that a crazy-looking one is churned out every now and then. Such was the scene on Thursday night as the undefeated No. 3 Oregon Ducks visited the Arizona State Sun Devils in Tempe.

Seen here is Oregon quarterback Bryan Bennett pulling a rabbit out of his hat and delivering a 2-yard touchdown pitch to Marcus Mariota with just over a minute to go in the first quarter. How deflating must it be for the ASU defense to have four guys converge on Bennett and yet still fail to make the tackle in time?

Ah, the luxuries having two super-athletic signal callers on the field at once.

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald institutes mandatory nap on gamedays

While most major college football programs spend their time leading up to gameday going over scouting reports, running over plays, or even stuffing their faces with a big meal, the Northwestern Wildcats are employing a different approach this year -- napping.

"We'll wake up, have our pregame meal, do our mental things and then have a mandatory nap," Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter said. "Those hotel beds are really comfortable and the pillows are soft. After our naps we'll come down refreshed and ready to kick some butt."

Head coach Pat Fitzgerald decided to institute a mandatory nap into the team's gameday regimen after his Wildcats came out sluggish during in an affair earlier this season against Boston College. He asked his leadership council what the problem was and they said the 2:30 PM start impeded on their nap time. The rest is history.

Video: Utah's Jeremy Evans does it all in 10 seconds

You will be hard-pressed to find a more impressive 10-second sequence during this NBA preseason than the display Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans provided spectators Wednesday night.

During the second quarter of a preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers, the Western Kentucky product produces a high-flying block and is able to retrieve the ball before throwing down a nasty one-handed slam on the other end. The unfortunate victim on the receiving end of both plays just so happens to be Clippers big man Ronny Turiaf, who likely won't be living this moment down from his teammates anytime soon.

Video: Cardinals ball boys almost hit with broken bat


The St. Louis Cardinals ball boys experienced a brush with danger during Wednesday's Game Three of the NLCS at Busch Stadium.

San Francisco Giants batter Gregor Blanco shattered his bat on a foul ball during the sixth inning and the better half of the lumber narrowly missed striking one of the ball boys. As you can see, "Vicki" is quite relieved that no one was hurt.

The Redbirds won the game, 3-1, despite a long rain delay to take a 2-1 series lead.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Video: Lynx coach goes irate during WNBA Finals

In case you have been living under a rock lately, the WNBA playoffs are in full swing on ESPN. Seen here is Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve complaining about a no-call on one of her players, and then proceeds to go haywire after being hit with a technical foul. Reeve was so upset that she even peeled off her sports coat and threw it in disgust to show her displeasure.

For what it's worth, the Lynx won the game over the Indiana Fever (83-71) to tie the WNBA Finals series at one game a piece. Stay tuned for more compelling roundball action in the coming days.

Video: Kansas State fan trolls Mountaineers

The No. 13 West Virginia Mountaineers are set to host the undefeated No. 5 Kansas State Wildcats this Saturday in what is sure to be a game with major postseason implications. The Wildcats are the last team in the conference with an unblemished record and appear to be oozing with confidence as they approach their date with the Wildcats in hostile Morgantown.

Seen here is a masked K-State fan taking shots at his team's upcoming opponent by which he makes light of several stereotypes. Although the Mountaineers are the new kids on the block in the Big 12, I'm not sure what Kansas State has ever done to garner the big bully tag that they exemplify in this video clip. Especially from a pleasantly plump guy wearing a purple-colored mask.

Video: Georgia basketball teams and mascot go Gangnam Style

The University of Georgia gave "Gangnam Style" the old college try recently. Here is the product of their efforts in video form. Among the stars of the clip include Hairy Dawg and various members of the men and women's basketball squads.

Clearly they go off script in many places, but you have to give them props for trying to deliver a great spin-off.

Photo: Maryland to wear Brooklyn-inspired uniforms for season opener

The University of Maryland basketball team is slated to don some unique uniforms for their first game of the upcoming 2012-13 season. The game will be played at the brand new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York and their opponent will be none other than the defending national champion Kentucky Wildcats. They may not fare well in their season opener, but they are going to try and look damn good while doing it.

The new digs are designed by Under Armour and feature a "Maryflage" print along with a Brooklyn tribute. The grey, textured color and cursive font is meant to conjure up images of the baseball uniforms worn from the 1950s era, particularly those worn by the Brooklyn Dodgers.

“The expectation is for teams to come out in unique uniforms for big games. We worked with the school to do something that showed the appreciation for sports in Brooklyn," said lead designer Adam Clement.

Yes, I believe these would qualify as very unique.

Video: Justin Verlander rubs bald head of trainer for good luck


The Detroit Tigers beat the New York Yankees, 2-1, Tuesday night to take a commanding 3-0 lead in the American League Championship Series. And part of the reason why may be due to the luck mustered up by Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

Seen here is the Cy Young pitcher rubbing the bald head of Assistant Athletic Trainer Doug Teter for good luck during the ninth inning. It worked too as the next batter, Raul Ibanez, struck out swinging to end the affair.

Aside from Verlander's superstitious exercise in the dugout, the right-hander also played a huge role in the actual game itself. Verlander earned the win after tossing 8.1 innings of 3-hit, 1-run ball to help his club inch one step closer to the World Series.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Video: Texas Tech fan has hilarious streaking fail

I'm not sure if this spectacle qualifies in the traditional sense of the word "streaking", but it's a noble attempt nonetheless.

Seen here is a Texas Tech fan giving the crowd at Jones AT&T Stadium a PG-13 striptease during the Red Raiders recent game against the No. 5 West Virginia Mountaineers. The standard protocol for these types of events usually call for the crazed fan to shed their clothes before they make their way onto the field. However, this guy chose to buck the trend and attempted to peel off his attire during the shenanigan instead. His moment in the spotlight was short-lived as a multitude of security personnel quickly put a damper on his 15 minutes of fame.

As if this wasn't enough reason to cheer for the home crowd, Texas Tech pulled out a mighty upset by drubbing the previously undefeated Mountaineers by a score of 49-14.

Video: Michael Jordan-inspired sauce from 1992 sells for thousands

Hey, remember that blurb we recently posted about someone trying to sell a Michael Jordan-inspired BBQ sauce from the early 1990s? Well, that seller got what they asked for after a willing buyer threw down a lofty $10,000 for the expired condiment on eBay.

The sauce was meant to be used two decades ago when McDonalds ran a promotion for McJordan sandwiches.

It had previously been with Mort Bank for all of these years. Bank owned and operated a franchise in North Dakota and recently wondered what the spare bottle of 20-year-old sauce would go for on the open market.

The outrageous sale just proves that there are far too many people with money to burn out there.

Video: Windy conditions result in a safety off a punt


Blustery wind conditions was to blame for this outrageous spectacle during the game between Denton (Texas) Guyer High and Trophy Club (Texas) Byron Nelson High last weekend.

Watch as the Byron Nelson punter takes the snap from his own 28-yard line and attempts to punt the ball away downfield. Everything was going according to plan until the fierce wind got ahold of the pigskin and sent it spiraling backwards. Not only did the punt result in negative yardage, but it ended up being a safety as well.

Luckily, a Nelson player pounced on the football in the end zone to prevent a Guyer player from being awarded a touchdown. 

Guyer won the game, 53-28, despite laboring through stiff wind conditions all night long. Lesson learned: never try to out-kick mother nature.

Photo: Enes Kanter draped in Jazz cheerleaders

The Utah Jazz recently had their photo shoot in preparation for the upcoming 2012-13 NBA season. Seen here is Jazz big man Enes Kanter covered with a handful of the team's cheerleaders. Hey, if Kanter's pro basketball career doesn't pan out he can always be a spotter or a base for the Utah cheerleading squad. That much we know is true.

Bob Knight selling title rings to help fund education of grandchildren

Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Knight is unloading several of his championship rings earned throughout his career in an effort to help pay for his grandchildren's college education. Some of the featured items up for sale include Knight's three NCAA championship rings at Indiana -- the undefeated 1976 campaign as well as the ones from 1981 and 1987. Steiner Sports Memorabilia, the company in charge of selling the items, will also sell a sports coat and a warmup jacket given to Knight as coach of the U.S. Olympic team who won gold in 1984.

"Sports people are nuts," Knight said with a laugh. "Look at how much they would they pay for Babe Ruth's cap or Honus Wagner's card? I guess these are people who want to own things, things that are the results of what someone else did in sports. I was very pleased there was a market for something like this that my grandkids — I have two grandsons — and my wife has a niece and nephew, who would get good use out of this."

The auction is slated to run through December 5th.

Credit to the USA Today for the lead.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Video: Broncos receiver tackles himself in the open field

Add one more play to the collection of football's greatest follies. This one comes courtesy of Denver Broncos receiver Eric Decker in front of a nationally-televised audience on Monday Night Football.
The blooper-worthy play came during the middle of the second quarter when Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning hit a wide open Decker streaking up the sideline. It appeared as though Decker was about to take the ball 85 yards for the score, but he trips over his own feet and stumbles onto the ground instead. Whoops!
His unfortunate fall is our entertainment and immediately becomes an instant classic.

Video: Missouri player dunks over six people

Missouri Tigers guard Keion Bell must have ate his Wheaties prior to Saturday's Mizzou Madness in Columbia. That's because the redshirt senior leaped over six people en route to a one-handed slam during the event.

Although Bell has been in the Tigers program for two years now, this season will mark his first real action in a live game. The Los Angeles native transferred from Pepperdine University prior to 2011 and should be chomping at the bit for a chance to show what he can do.

Boise State unveils all black uniforms

It seems like every week a college football team is scrapping their traditional drab in favor of black uniforms. The Boise State Broncos will be the latest culprits when they don their new attire against the UNLV Rebels on Saturday.

Check out the following photo of the newly-designed helmet. The Bronco looks either really intimidating or really possessed...or both.

Photo: Sergio Romo photobombs Erin Andrews

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

San Francisco Giants reliever Sergio Romo dropped an epic photobomb on Erin Andrews during last night's NLCS Game One. It's not the first time the heavily-bearded closer has made his presence felt on camera in the playoffs either. Yes, the fun-loving right-hander appears to be a photobombing master.

Romo also crashed the scene on Tom Verducci during the NLDS back on October 6th. Continue on after the break to check out the video clip of that.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Video: Alabama defender violently slams Mizzou running back

The No. 1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide showed no mercy to the Missouri Tigers during their 42-10 victory on Saturday. The Tide ran around, over, and through the newest members of the Southeastern Conference en route to keeping their undefeated status intact (6-0).

There was one play in particular with which showcased Alabama's dominance during the lopsided affair. With the game well in hand and the contest winding down to the final minutes, Mizzou was more or less just trying to bring the nightmare to an end by running out the clock. That's when Tigers running back Russell Hansbrough took the handoff on a first-and-ten before being brought to the ground hard by 'Bama defense end DeMichael Fanning. The 6'7" Fanning completely wrapped up the 5'9" Hansbrough and proceeded to flip the undersized tailback all the way over.

The vicious play resulted in a 15-yard penalty against the Tide. Still the spectacle was just another reminder that this Alabama football team may be "the best team Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel has ever seen," as he was quoted in saying afterward. They are certainly one of the more physical ones.

Video: Wes Welker receives monster hit

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker got the stuffing knocked out of him during Sunday's game in Seattle versus the Seahawks

Although Welker definitely appeared shaken up on the play, the diminutive wideout still ended up with 10 catches, 138 yards and one touchdown. Despite his heroics the Patriots lost the game, 24-23, after surrendering two touchdowns with under eight minutes to go in the game.

I don't know what was more painful for him, getting knocked on his backside or his team squandering a late fourth quarter lead.

Video: NFL Network reporter gets nailed with football during pregame

This now infamous moment came prior to the Packers-Texans game in Houston on Sunday.

Seen here is NFL Network reporter Ian Raporport giving his pregame report when he suddenly gets whacked in the face with an errant football. Rapoport kept his composure, however, and continued his report like a true professional!

Looks like he took a page out of Will Ferrell's book in Old School.

eBay listing features Michael Jordan barbeque sauce from McDonalds


You may recall that in 1992 fast-food giant McDonalds ran a promotion for a burger named after NBA legend Michael Jordan. The "McJordan Burger" was comprised of "a quarter-pound hamburger with smoked bacon, cheese, McJordan barbeque sauce, onions, mustard and pickles. All of Michael Jordan's 'favorite ingredients.'" Yum.

And now for the affordable price of just under $10,000, one can score a gallon of the BBQ sauce that was once used to make the sandwich. I have got to believe that the expiration date passed on this delectable condiment many years ago, but it's still an "incredibly rare piece of memorabilia!" as the eBay listing insists.

If you are serious about buying you better act quick. The seller is adamant about the dubious sauce perhaps being "the only one left on Earth??"

Props to Deadspin for the lead.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Photo: Hurricanes continue to struggle with sparse crowds

It wasn't long ago when we brought you this little tidbit on how awful the fan support at Hurricanes home football games were. Today we give you another example of how apathetic the fanbase of the Miami program has become.

This is how the stadium appeared just 20 minutes prior to Miami's game against the UNC Tar Heels on Saturday afternoon. As you can see, the stadium was as empty as the sky is blue.

Video: Ohio Bobcats execute trick play for a score

The Ohio University football is quietly putting together a fantastic season here in 2012. Plays like the one seen in the video above from Saturday are partly why.

With the score tied at zero just three minutes into their game against the Akron Zips, the Bobcats dial up a reverse passing play which leads to their first touchdown of the ball game.

Ohio is looking to remain undefeated and push their record to 7-0 with a victory. 

Video: Oklahoma Sooner hurdles over defender en route to big gain

It's not very common to see a fullback actually touch the football during the course of the game. However, Oklahoma junior fullback Trey Millard not only had multiple touches during Saturday's game against Texas, but he took advantage and ripped off some highlight reel plays.

Seen here is the big guy hauling in a pass and rumbling over 70 yards down to the 5-yard line. During his journey down the field he encounters a potential tackler around his own 40. That's when the opportunistic Millard hurdles over the defender nearly unscathed en route to a long gain.

What makes this even more impressive is the fact that the Sooner also hurdled over a defender in a different play earlier in the game. Although that one was pretty dandy too, I'd venture to say that his second one was more special.

Video: Minnesota tailback loses helmet decal during crushing hit

You know you are taking a pounding as a running back if you get hit so hard that the decal sticker on your helmet flies off. Such was the case for Minnesota tailback Donnell Kirkwood on Saturday after he received a punishing blow from a Northwestern Wildcats defender.

The play occurred during the second quarter on a second-and-five play from the Gophers' own 46-yard line.

The announcers confessed that they had never seen anything like it before. Yeah, neither have I. But there's a first for everything! Minnesota lost the game 21-13.

Crystal Palace cheerleaders go Gangnam Style

Is anyone tired of seeing "Gangnam Style" spin-off videos yet? Yeah, me neither.

This one comes courtesy of the lovely ladies of the Crystal Palace F.C. of the English Football League. The video features plenty of gorgeous women performing captivating dance moves and timely lip-syncing. Even Pete the Eagle, the team's mascot, gets in on the action.

What could be better? Oh, perhaps the "Call Me Maybe" vid the cheerleaders made earlier in the season to drive up ticket sales.

Compare the two by first watching their latest creation below:

Tom Izzo dressed as Iron Man during Midnight Madness

Friday night officially marked the beginning of college basketball season around America as many schools partook in some form of Midnight Madness.
This was the scene at Michigan State as Spartans head coach Tom Izzo dressed up in full Iron Man attire. Luckily, Izzo wasn't alone in his superhero outfit as his wife (Lupe) and daughter (Raquel) also dressed the part of The Avengers in their full-body, leather Black Widow outfits.

Yes, Halloween costumes and college basketball mania are in full tilt. Here's the video of Coach Izzo's entrance from Friday:

Man tries to sell ghost of Bobby Jones on eBay


Bobby Jones is considered by many golf enthusiasts as the most successful American amateur golfer in history. He dominated the national and international scene from 1923 to 1930, but chose to retired from competitive play at the ripe old age of 28. He helped design the August National Golf Club and also co-founded the prestigious Masters Tournament. Jones passed on from this world on December 18, 1971...or did he??

One seller, who goes by the name of rklassman on eBay, recently put a jar on the auction site believed to contain the ghost of Bobby Jones. The opening bid started at $500 bucks and serious buyers could even lock up the rare item by clicking the "buy it now" option for $1,000.

Here's the description of it the seller provided on eBay:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Video: Nick Swisher has an obsession with eye black


We know now at least of couple of things after Game Five of the ALDS between the Yankees and Orioles. One, the Bronx Bombers are headed to the ALCS after winning the decisive game, 3-1. And two, Nick Swisher really, really likes eye black. He wanted to make darn sure the glare of the sun didn't get in his eyes on Friday.

A few questions arise after seeing this though. Like how sunny could it really be in The Big Apple on a cool day in October? How many sticks of eye black did it take? Or maybe Swisher's copious amount of facial paint more intended for an intimidation factor to his opponent? Either way it worked.

Video: Eddie Johnson helps Americans inch one step closer to World Cup

The U.S. men's soccer team pulled off a 2-1 upset victory over Antigue & Barbuda on Friday to inch closer toward qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Eddie Johnson scored both goals for the Americans including the game-winner in the final minute of regulation time (seen in the video above). It was Johnson's first international multi-goal game since 2004.

If the Americans beat Guatemala on Tuesday night in Kansas City, they will move into the final round of CONCACAF qualifying for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The U.S. has 10 points; Guatemala and Jamaica each have seven and were playing each other in a late game in Guatemala.

Is it too early for the chants? I think not. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Video: Did the umpires blow call on ball hit by Nate McClouth?


The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles duked it out in a winner-take-all affair Friday night at Yankee Stadium. The victor of the game advanced on for the right to play in the ALCS. The loser, however, was eliminated and must partake in the rest of the MLB postseason from the comforts of their homes.

It goes without saying, but every play is crucial in this type of situation. During the sixth inning, Baltimore outfielder Nate McLouth barely misses a game-tying home run when the umpires rule that his batted ball just misses the right-field foul pole. The umpires converge, look at the replay, and then uphold the call. But upon further review, it looks as though the ball may have actually nicked the pole and thus, should have tied the game at one. 

What do you think? 

Update: As fate would have it the Yankees went on to win, 3-1, to win the series and eliminate the Orioles from the playoffs.

GIF courtesy of the Bleacher Report.