Sunday, December 9, 2012

Video: Tracy McGrady violently elbows Chinese player who taunted him

We all remember Tracy McGrady, right? The 33-year old forward previously spent 15 years playing in the NBA before deciding to take his talents overseas to China this year. McGrady is currently a member of the Qingdao Eagles.

In a recent game, the former USA Today high school player of the year (1997) didn't take too kindly of a taunting gesture an opposing player made after draining a 3-pointer in his face. The opponent proceeded to give the old finger wag to McGrady as the two jogged down the other end of the court.

McGrady took offense and then started brainstorming his plan of attack. After a bit of a delay, McGrady sized up his defender and delivered a hard elbow stab in the chest.

I believe the message was well received.

Via Big Lead.


  1. "hard elbow stab in the chest." Exaggerate much? He got him in his arm. And that flop was more violent than anything.