Saturday, December 8, 2012

Video: NAIA school participates in an unusual yet original tradition

Taylor University is responsible for one of the quietest yet loudest traditions in all of college basketball: "Silent Night".

From CBS Sports:

Taylor University, an NAIA school in Upland, Ind., is known nationally for just one thing: college kids losing their damn minds while dressed like they just broke out of the loony bin. It's all because of their "Silent Night" tradition, the one-time-a-year celebration when the whole gym goes bonkers after total quiet from the crowd. The silence gets smashed to smithereens when Taylor scores its 10th point.

It's a tradition unlike anything else. The event calls for a great deal of planning on the part of the student body. Senior Casey Coons, the player who hit the three and sent the home crowd into a frenzy, explains the anticipation around campus leading up to the game.

"Every year there's always a huge buzz around campus, even the whole week building up to it," Coons said. "With it being such a small campus, the vast majority of people you see dressed up are people that you know. A lot of the guys give spoiler alerts leading up to it."

As if the celebratory moment after scoring the 10th point wasn't crazy enough, the Trojans crowd then partook in plenty of dancing and light-hearted fun afterward. Among the notable performances included the whole crowd swaying to the rhythm of "Gangnam Style" during halftime, a George Michael impersonator playing the saxophone, and a reveling rendition of what else but "Silent Night" to cap off the festivities.

Taylor cruised to an easy 90-58 victory over Akron-Wayne to send the fans home happy.

Via CBS Sports.

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