Sunday, December 30, 2012

Video: Clothed streaker at Alamo Bowl strikes Heisman pose, almost escapes

A clothed streaker made his way onto the field during Saturday's Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.

The video begins when the man is already around midfield and then continues to capture the fella as he runs all the way to the other end and through an opposite exit, and then presumably to freedom. The only time he stops his momentum is when he strikes a quick Heisman pose in the endzone.

As it turns out, the fan was eventually hunted down and ejected despite a lack of security presence during the actual crime itself. One security member who probably wasn't in on the capture was the one shown near the end of the video clip who seems to walk away from the perpetrator when he approaches her vicinity.

Nonetheless, it was a great run for this unidentified individual. And he managed to do it all in the comfort of his clothes.

Via Deadspin.

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