Sunday, December 30, 2012

Video: Chris Johnson's awkward touchdown celebration

On Sunday, Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson put his team on the board early on with a 2-yard touchdown scamper against visiting Jacksonville. What he did immediately following that is still left up to interpretation.

The Titans would eventually roll over the hapless Jaguars 38-20 despite getting outgained 375 to 221 in total yards.

Via Bleacher Report.


  1. Typical vulgar moves by a vulgar and useless football player. WHY tolerate such crude behavior when there are decent players waiting to take his place?

  2. I liked it funny and obnatious just like every other player

    1. Football players celebrate too much. Even when they are behind 2 touchdowns or more, they will celebrate if they score. I like what Bear Bryant said years ago, "act like you have been there before". Celebrating has gotten out of hand.