Monday, December 10, 2012

Video: Caroline Wozniacki's hilarious impersonation of Serena Williams

Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova recently played an exhibition match in Sao Paulo. Sharapova won the match (6-2, 7-6), but Wozniacki won the battle of fine entertainment.

Watch as the 22-year old tennis pro gives her best Serena Williams impersonation by stuffing a towel in her shirt and another one in the back of her skirt. Good stuff. I'm just not sold that two towels in each place wouldn't have been a better representation of what Williams is packing.

She also pulled off the same stunt last year.

One YouTube user summed up the spectacle best by proclaiming: "Maybe if she imitated Serena's actual tennis she'd win a little more."

Touche, my friend.

Via Bleacher Report.

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  1. This video is not funny but tasteless just like CW making fun of Rafas cramping at a press conference.