Friday, December 7, 2012

Top recruit gets tattoo of Auburn logo, then decommits


Reuben Foster is widely considered one of the top high school prospects in the nation. Naturally, his services are being sought after by many of the top college football programs around. This includes both SEC schools from his home state of Alabama.

What makes the 5-star linebacker's story so noteworthy isn't the fact that he has already rescinded verbal commitments to both Auburn and Alabama, but rather that he decommitted from Auburn this week despite getting the school logo tattooed on his forearm.

You see, Foster originally flipped his commitment from the Crimson Tide to the Tigers this summer thanks to some heavy recruiting by Auburn assistant coach Trooper Taylor. But now that new Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn is clearing out the staff of the old regime, it's caused Foster to open up his recruitment.


"In an interview with ESPN earlier this week, Foster said "If Trooper Taylor stays at Auburn, I am all in. If he goes, I will see where he goes too. I just need to see where he ends up. If he goes to another school, I will go there. Hopefully that school will want me too because I would love to follow him."

Foster tweeted out that he would keep the tattoo regardless in honor of former Auburn player Ladarius Phillips, who was shot and killed earlier this year.

Via Deadspin.


  1. throw some red ink on that baby and go back to bama, if they will have you. You don't own Taylor anything. HE is under investigation and will not be employed any where.

  2. Reuban, If Taylor isn't picked up, come to Oklahoma State we have a growing program and a defense that has been getting better. You can step in and be a leader and game changer, the Icing on the cake.

  3. I am glad he changed his mind about Bama. I dont know that he would be a good fit there. Saban likes to recruit intelligent athletes with high moral values. Maybe he and Trooper Taylor will end up with Lane Kiffen at USC. That seems like a better fit for both.

    1. What happens if he follows Trooper and then after he signs papers Trooper moves on. This kid doesn't sound real bright

  4. His comment about "following Trooper" says it all. Troop is BAD news. He is a trouble maker and was the biggest part of Chiziks demise ! Any coach that hires him.....buyer beware!

  5. Just goes to show you the brains it requires to play football.He could go a University of Arizona,Almost a Univeristy,we accept Anyone University,Ahole University or my favorite,Ain't gona'learn nothin'University!

  6. i really don't think you could play at a college level to start with . so move on with the trash talk and please do take trooper with you please.

  7. Well, it's obvious that he is a follower and not a leader.
    Where ever this KID goes, nothing good is going to come out of it based on these comments. I feel sorry for him that the only thing he is focused on is going to a school where Trooper will be a coaching at. You are are following the same coach, who sued a school system because his son didn't want to comply with the rules and cut his hair. I'll make sure and do a google search this time next year to see where you end up at.

  8. And it's a poorly done tattoo!!!