Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spurs broadcaster Sean Elliott is one of the most prolific water users in Texas

Water in the state of Texas is about as precious as space is to the city of New York. The citizens are often advised to ration water resources to help prevent any shortages from occurring. So, as you can imagine the locals take their H2O consumption pretty seriously.

Hence the justification for the city of San Antonio publishing a list of the top 100 residential water users. Think of it as a way to public ally humiliate those who can't seem to remember to shut their faucets off. Well, wouldn't you know it that one of the city's biggest sports figures came in ranked second on the dubious list.

He is none other than former Spurs player and current Spurs commentator Sean Elliott.

More from the San Antonio Express-News:

Elliott and his wife, Claudia Zapata, an Express-News health columnist, own a home on five acres that includes a man-made lake with catfish, according to luxury real estate magazine NHOME. Elliott also was on the big-users list in 2011.

"As people who value water conversation efforts in our community, my wife and I are absolutely mortified to be on this list," he wrote in an email. "We do abide by any and all watering restrictions and suspect a possible irrigation leak on our property that we are resolving. In any case, we obviously have to do better. Much, much better."

You might want to cut down on the hour-long showers, Sean. Save some water for the whales.

Via Deadspin.

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  1. So this irrigation-leak has been around 2 years Sean? I think that Lake he has(which is freshwater) is evaporating in the heat and needs constant water. Get rid of the catfish and buy it from a local seafood supplier! Who needs their own catfish lake!