Friday, December 28, 2012

Premier League referee drawing ire of fans over pregame photo

Silly: Chris Foy (centre) sticks his tongue out before kick-off (Picture: BPI)

Queens Park fans were not amused by the actions of Premier League referee Chris Foy on Wednesday.

Not only did Foy allow West Brom's winning goal to stand in a 2-1 defeat, Foy also pretty much photobombed this picture prior to the pivotal match. As you may imagine, this has many QPR fans questioning whether or not Foy took the game seriously.

"Another ref wanting to be centre of attention," wrote one fan on a message board.

"That proves it. The referee for this particular match was a muppet," wrote another.

Foy has been officiating in the league since 2001.

Via Metro.

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