Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Photo: Colts offensive lineman caught picking his nose during game

The Houston Texans (12-2) slid past the Indianapolis Colts (9-5) on Sunday, 29-17, to clinch their second straight AFC South title. During the fourth quarter, and when all hope of a comeback seemed lost, Colts center A.Q. Shipley decided to focus his efforts elsewhere: his nose. The CBS cameras caught Shipley in the act and the rest is history.
Shipley has appeared in exactly one NFL game since being drafted in 2009. That came during the fourth quarter of Indy's game on December 9th. Apparently, Shipley dedicates the rest of the games to digging for gold.
Via Deadspin.  


  1. Shipley has played in 12 games this season and started in 3. AQ has done a great job handling this embarrassing shot with aplomb and humor.