Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photo: Braves set to wear atrocious batting practice hats next year

Each of Major League Baseball's 30 teams are set to unveil new batting practice caps for 2013. Most of the lids will feature new designs, while others will stick to more traditional looks. The Atlanta Braves are one of those teams who will be scrapping tradition in favor of a mascot-inspired logo. Their new design features a screaming Indian instead of the cursive "A" logo. And it is by all means hideous.
Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, a site dedicated to athletic aesthetics, was so disgusted with the appropriation of Native American imagery used here that he recently gave the hat an "F" when grading out the caps for all 30 teams. No other club received a failing grade from Lukas.

Aside from the fact that the hat design is atrocious, some may even find it offensive. Lukas is among a growing consensus who believes Native American imagery in sports should be done away with altogether. This cap certainly won't help that cause.


  1. Why do you think it's hideous? It's not hideous or offensive at all. A courageous Brave probably giving a war whoop.

  2. There is a site dedicated to uniform aesthetics?

  3. I for one am glad they changed their bp hat logo. Prior to this change the bp hats basically looked just like the other three hats they wear during the game.

  4. The hat is said to be "Hideous" and given a grade of "F". Has he seen the orange hats and uniforms that the Miami Marlins wear? Those are hideous hats/uniforms. This change is simply going back to a previous logo.

  5. Who cares what Paul Lukas thinks? I for one think they are a cool throwback. I don't know of one Native American who is offended by this. Those who say they are, are probably just thinking about trying to get a dollar from a lawsuit or something. Enough of this PC shit. Lets get back to super cool logos and those that don't like them can stay home and don't buy them.