Friday, December 21, 2012

Michael Vick says he still has 'prime' left, 'just getting started'

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick hasn't had the year he hoped for. His team has been an utter disappointment at 4-10 and his individual performance hasn't been much better either. The 32-year old southpaw has been relegated to the scout team for the final weeks of the season after beginning the year as the team's starter. Although his stock value has definitely taken a hit, he still believes that he has better years ahead.

From USA Today:

"I'm not a backup. Just being honest, just being candid. I'm a full-fledged starter," Vick told "That's what I've got in me, that's what I provide, that's what I offer. Whatever happens, wherever I end up, they're going to get 110 percent. You're going to get the same thing out of me that you got the last two, three years, and that's 110 percent effort and a guy that's confident in his abilities to play and win.

"I want to start. Yeah, I'm a starter. I'll feel that way until I start to feel like I'm becoming a problem on the team."

"I've got prime left, man. I'm just getting started."

Vick has thrown for 2,165 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2012. However, he sports a quarterback rating of just 79.2 and has turned the ball over a whopping 19 times (9 INT, 10 FUM).

Will Vick be back in Philly in 2013?

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