Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mario Williams donates truck to military family in need

NFL Pro Bowl defensive end Mario Williams has given plenty of pain to quarterbacks over his pro career (63.5 lifetime sacks), but now the 27-year old is giving back to the state which he grew up in. That is because Williams has decided to donate a vehicle to a North Carolina family in need.

From The Daily News:

Sgt. Justin Hunter and his wife Staff Sgt Cherie Hunter, both Marine veterans, will celebrate a random act of kindness today when they travel to Garner to pick up the title and keys a 2009 Ford F-250 pick-up.

The Hunters have never met Williams but said they will benefit greatly from his generosity.

Their current vehicle, a 1999 Sonoma, recently left Cherie stranded at a rest stop along a highway while she was en route to culinary classes. Cherie is enrolled at the Culinary Art Institute program in Durham.

Williams initially contacted the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, which then contacted a nonprofit group called Purple Heart Homes, an organization dedicated to providing housing for disabled veterans. The Hunter family was chosen from a pool of several candidates for the truck donation. This news came slightly after learning that they had been selected by Purple Heart Homes to receive home renovations.

What a Christmas season it has been for the Jacksonville family. And Buffalo Bills' Williams has a little something to do with it.

Via The Daily News.


  1. god bless mario williams

  2. As a veteran whose only two children are currently patrolling thru Afghanistan's Kandahar province (not a good place to have to do that)I am really touched by Mario's kindness and generosity. This is the fourth time my oldest has been in harms way, and the first for my youngest. For those who have never had to deal with a similar situation, I can't tell you how hard it can be to worry about your kids so much. But one thing that is a huge help are the numerous people that try to support the military and their families. It really makes a huge difference. I am so fortunate that my boys nor I have not needed extra help, but I am reassured that if they did, there are so many people trying to make a difference. Thank you so much to all of you. You really make a huge difference!!

    1. I pray that god keeps them out of harms way

  3. as a veteran on s/s i wish there were more people like mario to share their gift of kindness for the needy vets who have given part of their life to defend america. I only wish that someof our elected officials could see the struggle that they go through and support america not their own greedy needs