Thursday, December 20, 2012

John Daly officially launches new alcohol-infused drink

Move over Arnold Palmer, there is a new golfer trying to weasel his way into the signature beverage category.

Major champion John Daly is stamping his name on three versions of a vodka-lemonade combination. The 30-proof beverages, aptly named the 'John Daly', boast three different flavors featuring sweet tea and lemonade, peach tea and lemonade, and raspberry tea and lemonade.

The drinks will be sold in California and Arizona at BevMo liquor outlets, although Daly has aspirations of increasing availability in the future.

But for now, the boisterous and colorful 46-year old will have to settle for only folks on the West Coast having access to his cocktail potion.

Via Yahoo! Sports.


  1. A (recovering?) alcoholic selling an alcohol beverage?

  2. WOW I guess this means he is no longer someone working the principles of the 12 step program......