Sunday, December 30, 2012

Former MMA fighter tackles potential vodka thief

If you are going to steal liquor from the store, you might want to make sure there aren't any professional mixed martial arts fighters hanging around. One Missouri shoplifter recently found that out the hard way after his attempt at swiping booze was derailed by former MMA fighter Jesse Finney.

Finney, who runs a pair of training sites in the area, was making his second trip to the store in a matter of hours. He had already gone once to get some flowers for an ailing friend in the hospital, and then went the second time to get some chocolates for his pregnant wife. He showed up just time in time to save the day.

From FOX 2 Now:

Finney saw the male suspect tussle with a female employee inside the Crestwood Schnucks. That got his attention. As the suspect tried to run out the entrance, Finney pinned the suspect to the ground until Crestwood police arrived.

“He was still trying to fight me saying some choice words,” said Finney. “He wasn’t getting up. I can promise you that.”

Finney says the suspect had seven bottles of vodka under his coat and one of them broke on impact.

Ouch. Can you imagine the pain and embarrassment this lousy  thief must have felt during the encounter?

The suspect is being charged with theft under $500.

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