Saturday, December 22, 2012

A 76-year old man made two hole-in-one shots in the same round

A 76-year old Nashville man is receiving his due credit after reportedly sinking not one, but two hole-in-one shots during the same round. The incredible feat occurred at Windtree Golf Course in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. on Dec. 6

Believe it or not, the pair of aces now raises Jones' tally to five in 31 years of playing. Quite impressive, eh?

"I don't see long distances very well, and thankfully I had two other guys playing with me. I hit the ball straight at the green and saw it hit and going toward the hole," Jones said of his first ace on a par-3, 120-yard hole on No. 5. "I couldn't make it out going in the hole, but both of those guys said, 'It's in the hole,' and there was a group beside the green at the tee for hole No. 6 that saw it."

His second came on No. 11, a 125-yard hole and also a par-3.
"I was just beside myself. It is just an unbelievable feat," said one of his playing pals who witnessed the accomplishment. "If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it — I saw it and it is still hard to believe."

The National Hole-in-One Registry lists that the odds of someone actually nailing two hole-in-one shots at 67 million to 1. Basically, the spectacle is as rare as the night sky is dark.

Via USA Today.


  1. congraluations, and I hope you have many more aces left in your bag


  2. Congratulations is not a big enough word...I do want to mention my dad who is 86 and after nearly sixty years of golf without a hole in one, made two in 2112. He didn't see either one go in the hole either, but is thrilled none the less.

  3. I made 18 hole-in-one shots in one round! Prove me wrong. No credibility when it comes to golfers claiming to have made a hole-in-one unless it's done in front of a large gallery of random people.

    1. The article stated that not only did his playing partners witness it, but also the group in front, douche.

    2. What's that, 7 people? Not exactly a large gallery. Maybe co-conspirators?

  4. I've never had one but witnessed 5...this guy probably has mine!

  5. Congratulations!