Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wife of ESPN reporter loses her job due to using wheelchair

The wife of ESPN reporter John Clayton reportedly lost her job as an elections worker due to her need for a wheelchair. Patricia Clayton, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was fired from her temporary job at King County Elections in Washington on Monday after co-workers complained that her condition was a burden to them.

“They said there was a complaint—complaints from my co-workers that I was a burden to my co-workers asking them to assist me,” Clayton said, according to King 5 News.

Some of the things that Clayton admitted to asking her co-workers for help with included wheeling herself to the break room, and asking them to bring her bins of envelopes. Apparently, that caused too much strain to her colleagues.

“To have this taken away from her on almost on the eve of the election is so hurtful,” her husband told the news station.

National Election Day is slated for this upcoming Tuesday (Nov. 6) as voters will flock to the polls to stuff their ballots. Unfortunately, Mrs. Clayton will not have the chance to assist them.

Via Sporting News.

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  1. What is wrong with her co-workers? Are they that insensitive? This country used to be different than this.

    1. What PARTY was she working for? Labled as a 47 percenter!!

  2. They had someone else in mind for the position.

  3. I believe they should be sued to the tilt, this is just discrimination! They should be thankful that
    this hasn't happened to them! GOD sees this people!! Bless Mrs. Clayton, she should be applauded
    for trying to work! And in closing, John & Patricia Clayton......You have my deepest love & respect! This is what's meant in your marriage vows.....For better or worse!

  4. I would sue the crap out of them. Don't know his wife but John Clayton seems like a great guy.You would think somebody would have her back.

  5. Do you really believe that she's working from a wheel chair by choice? Being in a wheel chair is not easy and certainly isn't done because one is lazy or wants to draw attention to herself. It's inconvient, makes everything much slower and draws attention to oneself.

  6. This sounds like a blatant violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. One would think that a government agency, of all places, would be conscientious about being in compliance with federal laws, but I guess that would be too much to expect.

  7. It's not her co-workers job to push her to the break room.

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