Monday, November 5, 2012

Video: Women's soccer player tries to waste time by drilling opponent in face with ball, twice

Well, here is one creative way to try and kill time with a lead near the end of a game.

During a recent match between D-III Amherst and Colby, Amherst defender Emily Little was given a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct after she pegged Colby midfielder Maddie Tight in the face off a throw-in...twice. This obviously warrants an explanation as to why.

Apparently, the hilarious act was an attempt to run precious time off the game clock as Amherst held a narrow 1-0 lead in the 89th minute. At first, the evil ploy succeeds as the mischievous Little plays it off and apologizes like it was an accident. But then the collegiate athlete gets a bit too greedy when she goes for a second time around. That's when the nearby official steps in and takes charge.
One spectator described the scene best when they proclaimed: "Class act, classy act!".

All in all, the heartless plan worked like a charm as Amherst hung on to win the game, albeit it in questionable fashion. Go ahead and toss this play in as a front runner for Bush League Play of the Week.

Via Deadspin.

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