Friday, November 9, 2012

Video: Patriots receiver jumps over speeding car

Here's a video clip that will make fantasy football owners of New England Patriots receiver Brandon Lloyd cringe.

Watch as Lloyd jumps over a speeding car driven by MobiSquad CEO and Founder Nate Reis. Not to worry guys, Lloyd escaped the feat uninjured and unharmed. Does it top Kobe Bryant's jump from four years back though?

For all of the gullible folks out there, the video is fake. But it hasn't stopped teenagers from trying to do the real thing. A Florida teen suffered serious injuries while attempting the act about two weeks ago. So, it's a little surprising that companies continue to churn out videos that portray the feat as possible.

Nevertheless, it's still mildly entertaining just as long as you remember that it's not real.

Via Total Pro Sports.

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