Friday, November 16, 2012

South Dakota football player charged with trying to defraud the IRS won't play this week against rival

You don't mess with the Internal Revenue Service. University of South Dakota football player Christopher Lundy found that out the hard way this week, and as a result will not play in his team's game against rival South Dakota State on Saturday. But losing out playing time is the least of Lundy's worries at this point.

The Coyotes sophomore defensive back is alleged to have been involved in an identity theft scheme to defraud the IRS out of more than $1 million. A group of eight others are also said to be in on the mischievous plot, including five of which who are former South Dakota athletes. The band of financial delinquents were charged in a South Dakota federal court earlier this week. Lundy pleaded not guilty.

I'm not sure what kind of tax classes they teach at USD (if any), but they ought to take a serious look at revamping it.

Via AP.