Thursday, November 22, 2012

Photo: A world map based on sport popularity

Here's an interesting world map depicting sport popularity by region. Not surprisingly, most of the world favors the original futbol over the Americanized way. However, there are some other notables to take away from this graphic as well.

Asia is apparently split in popularity between baseball, cricket, soccer, kick boxing, and table tennis (aka "ping pong") of all things.

North America appears pretty mixed about their preferences too. While majority of the continent prefers either football or ice hockey, there are some states that lean more toward baseball or basketball. It should come as no shock that New York and Massachusetts are among those who tune into baseball more (Yankees, Red Sox). Additionally, Kentucky, North Carolina and California shouldn't bewilder anyone as to why they favor hardwood action. They each possess one of the top basketball programs in their state in the likes of UK, UCLA, UNC, Duke, and Louisville.

Via SportsGrid.

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