Saturday, November 17, 2012

Photo: St. Louis Cardinals to wear new jerseys in 2013


The St. Louis Cardinals will be donning new-look uniforms for the 2013 season. The biggest difference will be that the front lettering will read "St. Louis" instead of the traditional "Cardinals". It's been eight decades since any Cardinals jersey has done that.

However, most of the old design is remaining relatively unchanged. The pair of birds will still perch upon the mysteriously floating yellow bat. And their eyes will now have more detail as oppose to just dots.

For all those folks who still like the old ones better, not to worry. The Cardinals will only be wearing these on Saturdays during home games.

It now leaves three historic MLB franchises (Yankees, Tigers, Dodgers) as the only teams not to boast three different uniforms in their rotation.
All in all, the team has managed to bring a fresh look into its gameday attire while still preserving its traditional appearance. Well done.

Via Big League Stew.

Here's a gander at their current jerseys.

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