Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photo: Mario Balotelli decks out Bentley in camouflage

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has a knack for flair, and the ability to consistently grab headlines in Europe. His latest news-worthy story has to do with wrapping his Bentley Continental GT in camouflage vinyl, as you can see in the photo above. And he is apparently quite proud of it.

Perhaps this is an attempt by the enigmatic footballer to blend in with the masses? I doubt it. The ironic thing of it all is that the new look probably makes him stand out more than ever.

Just last month BLC brought you a story where the 22-year old Italian was snubbed by female rapper Nicki Minaj in favor of a chicken dinner. This coming on the heels of another story with which Balotelli reportedly challenged hip-hop legend Jay-Z to a drag race.

Via Metro.