Sunday, November 18, 2012

Orioles prospect Kevin Gausman is very sad about the Hostess news

The recent demise of the Hostess brand has sent panic throughout the country as people are left to cope with the reality of no more delicious snack cakes. This led many folks to flood their nearest supermarket when the news broke early Friday morning. One guy in particular who must be sweating bullets right now is Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Kevin Gausman, who the team tabbed with their first round pick last June.

Nearly all baseball players have some sort of unusual superstition. However, the former LSU Tiger has one that may now be in jeopardy. Gausman apparently has to eat four Hostess powdered Donettes before EACH inning he pitches. And since Hostess is no longer going to be making these delicious treats for guys like him anymore, it presents a huge problem.
The Orioles are expecting big things out of the 21-year old, but he may not be able to reach his full potential without his in-game fuel. This would be a great time for Little Debbie to introduce him to an Oatmeal Creme Pie. Just saying.

Via CBS Sports.

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