Friday, November 16, 2012

Former NFL punter Ray Guy says stupid voters keep punters out of the Hall of Fame

There are approximately 273 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but seven-time Pro Bowler Ray Guy isn't one of them. Guy, arguably the best punter in NFL history, isn't too thrilled about that either. In fact, not a single punter has ever been inducted into football's greatest shrine, and this has led Guy to believe the position is vastly under appreciated among Hall of Fame voters. He let his feelings be known in a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports.

“I watch them [punters] and in the back of my mind I know you’re wasting your time because we got some stupid people who don’t understand,” Guy said. “Here’s a kid who’s got a dream of being a punter in the NFL, but you got people here who cut him down before they even get out of the chute. So what are you telling these kids? To forget about it? I guess it all stems around people just don’t understand the importance of a punter. They really don’t. Unless you played. You have to be in there. You have to understand every player on that team has a position or play to do. And all they do is drag and fuss about ‘well yeah he can punt and this and that and the other thing,’ but they don’t really respect that and they think it shouldn’t be alongside the other guys in the Hall of Fame.”
If anyone deserves to complain about the perception of punters it's Guy. His career was so successful that he even has a prestigious award named after him: The Ray Guy Award is given annually to the best punter in college football. The former Oakland Raider uncorked 1,049 punts during his NFL career with which travelled an average distance of 42.4 yards per kick. However, Guy is doubtful that he will ever be voted into the Hall.

"It’s all politics, that’s all it is. It’s the same of everything in life. Everything comes down to politics," he said.


Via NBC Sports.

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